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Top 5 destinations for honeymoon in Thailand

Have you got married just some days before and feel like you need to spend some quality time with your partner? Are you planning for a honeymoon and are in a lookout for the most romantic and the most suitable place for the love and romance? Have you been confused of where to go for your honeymoon and make the time special for your love? Then here is the list of places in Thailand that you can opt for your honeymoon and you will neither forget the place and nor the time you spent with each other.

Top 5 destinations for honeymoon in Thailand


This is one of the most beautiful and romantic places that one can ever see in their lives. The gateways are so romantic and the beaches are so clear and clean that you will fall in love with the place. You don’t have to shell out much for visiting this place and this place is affordable and your partner will love you even more for taking her to this place.

Koh samui:

Another romantic place where you will love your stay and would never want to leave the place ever no matter how many ever days you spend there. There are parties in this island and you can party hard in nights too with your partner here. You can celebrate your love and the wedding here with your partner in a special way throughout the night.


The landscape caves here in this island are to die for. These look like paradise on earth and you would not ask for anything more beautiful than this ever in life. The islands are serene and you can enjoy the loving special time with your partner in these serene and beautiful place. The sunsets in this island are even more beautiful and you can watch the beautiful sunset with your parhner and it would add on to the special lovely memorable time with your partner in this beautiful island in the most beautiful way.

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Chiang mai:

This is situated in the northern part of the Thailand and this place is as beautiful as others. There are small villages in this place and there are mountains too. You can head on to the mountains for a trek with your darling or if she is a nature lover and loves the serene greenery and the beautiful sceneries that are breathtaking.


If your lady love is crazy about shopping and if you wish to give her a special gift as honeymoon then this is the best place that you can ever take her for shopping. There are wide range of products and stuffs available in Bangkok and this is for the shopaholics. The ideal place for the shoppers and also the cruising time that the couples spend in Bangkok are something one should not miss. You can eat at various restaurants and enjoy a candle light dinner with your love here and you can carry numerous bags all the way back home.