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Things You Need To Plan a Weekend Trip

Going for a planned vacation is nice. But an impromptu weekend trip surely beats all other vacations hands down. Imagine sitting at your work desk, behind a pile of paperwork one day, fiddling with your laptop and being on top of a snowcapped mountain the next. The feeling is simply too liberating.

Need To Plan a Weekend Trip

To have a blissful weekend away from home you need to remember a few things. Here are a few pointers to help you plan a successful weekend trip away from the hustle bustle of the city:

  • If this is your first time you should choose a location nearby. And by nearby we mean a location reachable by road within 4 to 6 hours. This makes it extremely easy to get cab bookings right from home even at the last minute.
  • You need to keep your destination flexible. More than once people are deterred by natural calamities, lack of commutable roads and more importantly, the lack of available transport. Keeping your final location flexible gives you a lot of options to choose form at the last minute. This also saves a lot of money, since you do not have to take the hassle of booking and re-booking your hotels and taxi service at the last minute.
  • Do a little research to find the best rates for your outstation taxi cab service. Many websites also allow you to take a virtual tour of hotels you would like to stay in, making it possible for you to explore the possibilities even on a shoestring budget. Extensive research about a place almost always reveals the less explored gems nearby which are less crowded by seasonal tourists making it possible for you to opt for home-stays and cheaper hotel rooms.
  • Most people opt for weekend getaways when they have a 3 day weekend. In case you do not have a 3 day weekend apply for a day’s leave. This will save you a lot of hassle on your way back and you will have sufficient time to sleep off the stress from a long drive. Plus you can always do a lot more in 3 days as compared to just 2!
  • Make sure to keep it simple. Weekend trips are meant for relaxation and you should not try to cramp the 3 days with too much activity. If you want to go to Rishikesh just plan on one or two of the main activities, do not try to fit in all the adventure sports and camping within just 3 days even though your brochure might encourage you to.
  • Go according to your own pace. The journey is as important as spending time at the designated location. So if you want to stop on your way and catch a picture of the rising sun, then do so. Having a weekend trip should not mean carrying a checklist around. A weekend trip should be simple enough to be planned during one afternoon and executed during the next.
  • Packing should be simple and according to the climate of the place you are heading off to. If you carry too many clothes and accessories, repacking during the time of return will take up a lot of valuable time which could otherwise be used for exploring the local sites one last time.