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Missed Your College Lectures : Try Recording It Next Time

In this competitive world, we cannot afford to miss our school or college because every day, every subject teacher teaches a new topic. If you miss your school or college for one day, you shall miss 6-7 different important topics in around 5 different subjects. Even your best of your friends or tuition teachers would fail to make you understand them well in a day. I used to refer my friends notes earlier, but this was not satisfactory.

College Lectures

Today schools have evolved and new technology has taken over. Lecturers and Professors record their lectures for effective reference for students. They share it with absentees and weak students for their better understanding and hence overall improvement. How very convenient!
But not all of us can afford to go to such a school. However, it is not that expensive either. Sometimes you get ill or meet with a fracture and hence you need to miss school or college for few days.
“Where there is a will, there’s a way”
Lets us discuss some simple steps, which you can easily follow to record a live lecture in your school or college:
Think about the points whether recording will help you or not:

1. Sometimes the subjects are too complex and need a better understanding. In this situation, you can refer the lecture twice or thrice and hence, you can develop a clear understanding about the topic.

2. Sometimes you are not so confident that your friend will guide you well through the missing lectures and hence, you wish to record that missing lecture.

3. Some professors are too fast in teaching. They cover 3-4 topics in one class without thinking whether students are following it or not. There you wish to have a recording for later reference.

Take consent with the professor. There are 2 points, which make some professors negative towards recording lectures:

1. The student would be paying more attention towards recording procedures rather than studying the topics which professor is teaching.
2. Other students will be distracted by the same.
3. Students generally share the videos on YouTube or other such media. Some naughty students comment senseless stuff on the video, which annoys the faculty and other staff. So, it is very important to take your teacher’s permission.

Choose and buy from any one of the recording solutions for class lectures. Consider many factors like recording capacity and device size before buying a new recorder:

1. If you are wishing to only record the audio, then choose best voice recorder lectures, which rejects the background noise and only captures the main lecturer’s voice effectively.
2. Focus on the memory of the recorder. The device should be capable enough to store an entire lecture or a long speech. If not, please be prepared with extra tapes or CDs.
3. Buy one of the best technologies in the market. Some even have USB ports to directly connect with laptops. They are more preferable.
4. Buy one, which is easy to hold and carry along.
Hope this article would be helpful for your next missing lecture!

Some essential tips that can help in increasing your JEE score

The technical world is advancing at such a pace that everywhere the need of engineering students have increased by nearly 25%. This growing need has also opened up job prospects for the budding engineers who are regarded as the constructors of a better world class infrastructure. Not only do students dream of gaining success in the field but also parents work hard to get their child enrolled in the topmost engineering college of the country. To enjoy the fruit; it is essential make sure that the seed is sown in a proper manner. Only then the tree will grow and you will get the fruit.

Right after the secondary schooling

A student willing to take up engineering as his career must pull up his socks and start with the preparation for a promising career right after completing with the class 10th board. In their high school, students are usually offered with three stream options: Arts, Commerce and Science. For those looking out to become a successful engineer; it is a must to take up science which will include three main subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Just being a good student at school is not what shall get you the highest marks in your JEE entrance examination which a student has to appear for getting admission in any of the reputed engineering colleges of the nation. For better performance in JEE; students can opt for IIT JEE coaching as well.

JEE score

Making way to JEE

For students looking out for an engineering career; appearing and cracking the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a must without which no one can get enrolled with any of the engineering colleges in the country. Until 2012; there was only one JEE examination that was held for getting enrolled in both IITs and NITs of the country. CBSE decided to change the whole process of JEE examination in 2012. For taking help to get admission in any of the IITs, one can join an IIT coaching soon after his/her class 10th boards which will help them to understand the module of the current JEE examination.

Changes implemented by CBSE

In the year 2012; CBSE implemented a new regulation and divided the JEE examination into two: JEE Main rank predictor and JEE Advanced. Those qualifying the mains shall get a chance to get themselves enrolled with any of the NITs and IIST; while only those qualifying JEE mains shall get a chance to appear for the JEE advanced which permits one to join any of the IITs and ISM.

Understanding the new JEE pattern

Appearing for the JEE examination should not be the only goal of a student looking out for an engineering career. Whether or not you will get chance for taking up admission in any IITs or NITs depends on you JEE score and competency. First you need to understand the examination patterns which are as follows:

JEE main exam comprises of 2 papers; Paper 1 and 2. A candidate can appear for both or any one depending on their wish. While paper 1 is based on admission for BE or Btech; paper 2 is for admission in B.Arch and Bplanning. Qualifying this examination gets you admission in any of the NITs or other government engineering colleges
Only those qualifying JEE mains get a chance to appear for JEE advanced which is essential for getting enrolled in any of the IITs. In the recent days; a number of coaching centers offering classes for IIT and JEE are found dwelling. It depends on your expertise to join one such best IIT coaching in India to give true colors to your dream

Smart way for improving your JEE score board

Only aiming to become an engineer and planning to give JEE is not what shall get you enrolled in a top engineering college. It is the JEE marks upon which your engineering career is dwelling. So how can you boost it up and increase the marks? Talking about this it is important to start practicing for the JEE mains right from your high school. There are ample numbers of suggestions and question banks available in the market that provides you will some of the vital question for the year’s JEE. It is always recommended to appear for both the papers. Finding the best coaching for IIT and JEE can get you the requisite suggestions and practice papers that can help you to raise your score board.

Take up solving question banks

Students willing to take up Btech must pay special attention on paper 1 while those willing to become an architecture must look after the JEE main paper 2 drawing questions with solutions for increasing the level at their score board. Solving these question banks gives you confidence to do better in the examination.

Find yourself a motivating mentor

Find a mentor for yourself who can best motivate you. You can only reach success and get the will to achieve it only when there is someone always behind for boosting up your motivation level. Also take a note that you don’t spend your entire day studying. Make a proper routine and divide the time in such a way that you get some time for self-relaxation as well. Adhering to sports and exercises can be the best to keep your mind free and relaxed boosting up your performance.

Secrets to Getting Through Tough Medical Education Exams

Medical education career has a bright side of respect and stability but also has its requirement of hard work and brilliance. So, for a medical education career, you need to fill up the AIPMT application form and appear for the AIPMT exam.

But, the AIPMT2016 is very tough and there are students from all over India competing for some 2100 seats in the Govt. medical colleges. So, for getting good AIPMT result, you need to take some advanced methods of preparation such that you stay ahead of the others. Let us see some of the secret tricks which are essential for getting AIPMT admission.

AIPMT 2016

Some advanced techniques for cracking AIPMT 2016

  • Planning the preparation for better progress

First step for any preparation is planning. You should go through the AIPMT syllabus and prepare a plan for studying the subjects and the plan should be enough for the preparations. Now, the work doesn’t stop at making the study plan. You should have to implement it efficiently also such that the progress is maintained.

  • Knowing of the strong areas and the weak areas

You should be aware of your strong points and the areas where some more effort is required. Self-assessment is very important in all fields. You should know about your strong points such that you can make the most of it in the exam and also the weak areas so that you can turn them into strong ones.

  • Take help from various reference books and the internet

You will get a lot of reference books for AIPMT in the market and once you have known your strong areas you just have to polish them such that they can help you get the best AIPMT result. You can also take online help and get the AIPMT latest news and the AIPMT patterned question paper.
For the weak areas, you can lookout for the study materials and the notes which will be of great help. You have to turn the weak areas into your strong ones if they are significant for your AIPMT result. If they are not affecting much, you can ignore them.

  • Practice, practice and practice

Well, the competitive exams require a lot of time efficiency and marking the correct answer of as many questions as you can. So, you need a lot of extensive practice to achieve perfection and such that you can get the answers very fast with minimum calculation.
You need to dedicate a lot of time to studying as AIPMT is quite hard to crack and the competition is also huge. So, making of a daily plan for practice of all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) is a must.

  • Solve the previous year’s papers

Solving the previous year’s papers is a very good way to know about the level of difficulty and its best if you can practice the papers within the time limit. Now, while solving the previous year’s paper, you will find that a lot of questions are repeated and you will get a lot of common questions also. So, the advantages of solving them are endless.
Let us take a look at some additional points to look at while preparing for the AIPMT

  • Keep a track of the AIPMT 2016 latest news and maintain progress accordingly.
  • Regularly take time out for some light physical exercises or yoga or meditation daily to improve concentration and keep mind and body fit.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and green veggies to keep body at the best level.
  • Practice in such a way that the previous chapters are also revised. People tend to forget the old chapters as they practice new ones.
  • Do not over study or over try on any particular problem in exam.

Build Your Career Successfully With Best Online Mba Program

In this present competitive environment, all sorts of working professional wish to enhance their knowledge in certain areas like management. The smart decision allows them to secure their career development to entrepreneurial and managerial levels. After gaining enough experience, the executives effectively aspire to meet their dreams as well as build their high-soaring career. Along with this, they also need a considerable amount of experience in this valuable industry. The valuable skill set is highly essential for sustaining in this competitive world. The business world experience lots of changes every minute. If you want to enhance your valuable skills, then you will prefer the distance mba options. These are the stunning resource that helps you to increase the level of skills and knowledge. The effective skills allow you to progress in your corporate without any difficulties. Many individuals leave their present jobs in order to obtain higher education. These kinds of processes affect them to obtain complete knowledge regarding the course. In order to overcome the drawbacks, the online platform introduces lots of useful MBA programs.

Best Online Mba Program

Prefer The Best Mba Program

These kinds of programs allows individuals to understand every concept in an effective manner. The distance mba also brings the same quality and better education so you can utilize it without any hesitation. While speaking about distance mba in hr, it is extremely comfortable and convenient that offers studies and knowledge conveniently. The valuable program is specially designed for helping huge number of working employees or professionals by avoiding travelling process. Along with this, it also makes your learning process easier. The flexible timings allow you to get the lecturing as per your wish. These kinds of valuable lectures are available for 24/7 so you can utilize the superior opportunity in an effective manner. The distance mba is not only available for certain streams, but also allows you to gain complete knowledge regarding tourism mba. These kinds of stunning programs are really cost-effective than any other traditional programs. The valuable options not only bring certain merits, but also save your hostel fees or travelling expenses.

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Enhance Your Marketing Skills

If you wish to enhance your marketing skills, then you should utilize the best source. There are several resources and programs accessible to enhance your managerial talent and skills, but some of them allow you to gain admirable merits. While speaking about online mba in marketing, it is a smart and stunning way to get valuable MBA degree without many complexities. The amazing online program is specially designed for individual who want to gain huge amount of marketing skills without wasting huge amount of money. Marketing plays a vital role in every company, because of its unique features. The awesome process allows businesses to attract lots of target audience easily. Along with this, it also encourages them to purchase the services and products which are offered by particular company. If you want to grab the valuable skills, then you will choose an effective mba program online. The stunning program surely furnishes you along with greatest and highly significance marketing knowledge. When you decide to attain these valuable merits, then you should choose the best and highly suitable mba program online.

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