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5 golden lessons to survive the struggles of blogging

Every blogger must have felt like giving up and shutting down his blog for good at least once in his blogging career. Failure is as much a part of our lives as success. If you feel that your blog is going unnoticed by the audience or is not earning you the expected profits maybe you need to introspect a bit. You will realise where you have gone wrong if you just pay attention. As a newbie, blogging is a novel experience, something that is exciting and arouses his curiosity. He wants to explore all the possibilities and make optimum use of this platform to earn money. But it comes with a lot of hard work and patience. You cannot become a millionaire overnight! Or have a huge reader base with just one post.

struggles of blogging

The budding blogger learns this harsh truth by a series of trails and errors. But these mistakes contribute to his success. Mentioned below are five such tips for blogging survival-

1. Experiment

There is no rule book to blogging; every blogger has to learn it the hard way. Making mistakes and learning from them. Experiment yourself to see what is working and what is not. It is a learning experience that teaches you a lot of lessons through a series of trials and errors. Every blogger, no matter how successful or established they are have to go through a period of failure. With experience you’ll learn all the tricks and methods of blogging. Get inspiration but don’t lose your uniqueness in order to copy others. Your originality is your biggest advantage.

2. Failure is a stepping stone

Don’t lose hope if you don’t have an impressive audience or are not earning enough money. Rather introspect and try finding out what the problem is. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn by just paying some attention to the details. Don’t be discouraged if you’re blog isn’t a success. Use this as a stepping stone for climbing up to success. Learn from your errors and try to rectify them. It should motivate you to perform better.

3. There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to success. It may give you some temporary profits but will lead to your downfall in the long run. Invest time, money and effort if you want to be a successful blogger. And your hard work definitely pays! Moreover you value the success more if you earn it with labour. An acknowledgement and appreciation of your efforts is very rewarding indeed! Learning it the hard way encourages you to maintain the success as you know how much it cost you.

4. Don’t quit

The worst thing that a blogger can do is to give up, and shut down his blog for good. By quitting, you are ending a whole lot of possibilities and opportunities in the future. Time and situations change. Quitting just because you are failing at attracting a reader base or earning money is the biggest mistake you can possibly make. You never know what the future would bring for you and by closing your blog you might just be shutting the door to a bright blogging career!

5. Patience pays

Instead of being frustrated and quitting, it is much more logical if you wait and try to rectify your errors. Impatience has never done anyone any good. Perseverance and patience always pays off for those who are willing to wait be positive through the tough times. Understand that success is not something that you’ll achieve immediately. Good things take time.

How to Start a Traveling Blog

If you love traveling, but are worried about the money involved, then you should think about blogging about your experiences in the form of a blog and make money from that.

By publishing traveling experiences in the form a blog, Mathew Pete traveled the world in about 5 years, without doing any part time jobs. Yes, his blog paid for his trip and continues to pay for his expenses. He is free from doing a job and can plan a vacation at any time of the year.

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I got in touch with Matt to learn the tricks that he used to make his traveling blog so successful that it is providing him with a full time income.

start a travel blog

Here are some of the things that he’d like to share:-

Note: In this post, I will not be covering the technical part of how to start a blog. I am assuming that you are familiar with domain names, web hosting and WordPress. If you are not, then please first learn how to start a simple blog, and then come read this post to run that blog into a travel blog.

Let’s get started!

Outreach before leave for your first trip

Choose an exotic destination as your first trip and then find out a way to cut down the costs and still have a great time.

Find out some of the travel spots where people spend a lot of money. These are some of places that people want to go, but stats say that these places are very expensive to visit.

If you can create a traveling blog that revolves around cutting costs in your budget without cutting fun, you are going to get a lot of attention from other travel bloggers.

So, come up with such a travel location and create a budget. Find out how much you are saving and then send out a proposal to prominent bloggers and websites in the travel niche. The proposal should contain information about you, and how you are going to vacation on a tight budget.

Ask the bloggers to tweet your blog link or twitter and Instagram links to their followers.

Be socially active throughout your journey

While you are traveling, be active on social media. Tweet regularly and post pictures of Instagram, and ask them to subscribe to you. This way, before having a blog, you will gather an audience, which is most critical.

Don’t forget to photograph all the fun stuff and share it on Instagram and Twitter.

Come home and outreach travel bloggers for interview

Come home and set up your blog, fill it with you bio and pictures from your latest travel.

Now, this is step is very important. Outreach to bloggers and tell them about your journey, and ask them if they would like you for an interview. Ask, hundreds of bloggers and gather opportunities of reach out to audiences.

This is the best strategy to jump start a travel blog.