Why Do You Need To Make It Easy For Your Customers to Complaint When It Comes To Contract Centre Services

Why Do You Need To Make It Easy For Your Customers to Complaint When It Comes To Contract Centre Services

Easy For Your Customers to Complaint

If customers complaint is considered to be a gift for your business, then what would you call when no one is complaining. Customers call you as they are dissatisfied with your products and services or by some mistake that your team has generally made. The employees here would air the grievances as they feel that the management is being totally unfair with them, and the way you handle them can make or break your company.

When there is a complaint that comes against the products and services you have been offering, it is natural to turn out and get defensive explaining why the complaint given by a person is legitimate – and this in turn would actually lead to nowhere. So instead of criticising the complaints that you get embrace it as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with all your customers, if you are efficiently handling the problems of your clients and customers.

Given below are 4 major reasons as to why you need to make it easy for your customers to complain when it comes to contact centre services. Though the following steps might seem to be complicated but they are yet effective in every situation and would help you in dealing with the complaints of all your clients and customers, turning the unhappy customers into a loyal fan.

Listening to your customers with an open mind: It’s always good when you try and listen to the person about the problem they have been facing when it comes to your products and services. Allow the person to talk freely without causing any interruption and questioning the validity of the problem. So to conclude before saying anything to your clients and customer do listen to what has happened and why are they upset.

How fast you could solve the problem: Speed is the most important thing when it comes to the customer’s service. Having a bit speed would help you in gaining the trust of your market audience ensuring that your business does value them. Speed again would help in handling minor problems before they become bigger and leads to a serious problem to you and your organization.

Understanding the problem of your customers: Once you understand and know where exactly the complaint is coming from, then say it back in your own words so that the customer understands and knows you have understood what their problem exactly is. If there is a mistake he or she might correct you with a few points keeping her position back unless and until they get the feel that you have got their problem right.

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Ensuring them that their problem would be resolved immediately: Without putting the blame on any one or on the part of your company try and show your customers with some sincere empathy as it helps in neutralizing the anger your customers have towards you. In some cases you could also send them some gift as a token of thanks that would help you improving your business.

To conclude there is no other way that you could get away from your customers. And by following these steps and understanding what the exact issue is you could turn your customer’s challenges into something constructive.

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Tata Bolt vs Tata Vista

The hatchback segment of the Indian automobile market is so crowded that the competition is becoming tougher nowadays. The Tata Motors Limited has 3 hatchbacks in the market. The new hatchback the Bolt has been launched in January 2015. The Tata Vista is a hatchback launched in January 2014 and surprisingly it has the best sales figures among the Tata hatchbacks.

The Tata Bolt comes in 4 petrol and 4 diesel variants priced Rupees 4.45 to 7 lakh. The Tata Vista Tech comes in 4 diesel variants only priced Rupees 4.84 to 5.97 lakh. Both the cars have manual transmission variants only.
Externally the Bolt has a better appearance with electric body coloured ORVMs and projector type head lamps. The Bolt comes in colours of shy grey, dune beige, venetian red, platinum silver and pristine white. The Vista comes in colours of blue chill, cavern grey, jet silver and dew white.

Tata Bolt vs Tata Vista
The cabin of the Bolt is more spacious and organised. The standard features of the bolt include a manual AC, vinyl seats, power steering and internally operated ORVMs. The base variant of the Vista has fabric seats and only one internally operated ORVM. The top variants of Bolt has an automatic AC, central locking facility, electric body coloured ORVMs with blinkers, projector type head lamps and a 2 Din music system with touch controls and Bluetooth connectivity. The Vista Tech VX variant has 2 internally operated body coloured ORVMs, a manual AC and a 2 Din music system with touch screen controls, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. The safety features like ABS and EBD are provided for the top variants of both the cars. The Bolt has 2 air bags additionally.

The Bolt is powered by 1193 cc, 89 bhp and 140 NM torque petrol engines with mileages of 17.57 kmpl or 1248 cc, 74 bhp and 190 NM torque diesel engines giving mileages of 22.95 kmpl. The Vista has 1405 cc, 70 bhp and 135 NM torque TDI engines giving mileages of 19.1 kmpl or 1248 cc, 74 bhp and 190 NM torque Quadrajet diesel engines giving mileages of 22.95 kmpl.

The 3825 mm long Bolt has a wheel base of 2470 mm and a ground clearance of 165 mm. The 30 mm short Vista has same wheel base and ground clearance. The wheels are R14 for the base trims and R15 for the top variants for the Bolt. The Vista R14 wheels for all the trims. The boot size of the Vista is 232 litres and that of the Bolt 210 litres.
The Tata Bolt has modern looks and better cabins. The Tata Vista Tech is the cheapest diesel hatchback in the market with GPS navigation system.
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Xperia Z3 leaked; New specs and designs alleged

Xperia Z3

It has been just a couple of months since the launch of Xperia Z2, but images of the Xperia Z3 have been flooding the internet size. Expectations are like that on a hill top; because the previous smartphones listed under the Xperia ‘Z’ series like the Z, Z Ultra, and Z2 are amongst the best all-rounder. They all have a great camera, which the other smartphones from other manufacturers lacked in, and are equipped with high-end hardware.
Leaks show the following information about the new so-called flagship by Sony –

Design and Body- Xperia Z3 is supposed to be different by body and design than its predecessors. The leaked images reveal that Sony is trimming the phone in terms of width thus making it sleeker and lighter.
The phone’s back panel will be covered by a hard glass, which will protect the back of the phone from scratches and enable water proof and dust proof capabilities. The phone thus, will be IP67 certified.

Processor- Sony’s flagship devices are powered by the most recently launched high-end processors. So we might see it packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 or 810 chipset. The chipset has a 64-bit architecture, so it will support more amounts of hardware components on the numbers. The Z3 most probably will feature the above listed chipset, if not so, will run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 upgraded, over clocked or refined version.

RAM- As explained above, inclusion of 64-bit chipset will allow more amount of RAM to be pushed into the slots. 3GB RAM is likely to be seen.

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Camera- This is one of the key selling points of Sony devices. But, this year, the Sony- camera fans can face disappointment as sources are telling that the Z3 will feature the same camera as that of Z2 i.e. 20.7MP.
While Sony might give it an upgrade or so by adding some additional hardware upgrade which will enhance its shooting capability.
Front camera will take sharp and crisp images at 5MP selfie-camera. Also, a front flash will be provided.

Display- Display is the specialty of Sony. Z3 will feature a 5.2- inch Q HD IPS display, with a resolution of 2560×1440 and a pixel density of around 543ppi and will be enhanced by Sony’s tri luminous technology and Sony Bravia Engine. Color reproduction will thus be accurate and viewing angles will be good.
The display will be protected by Gorilla Glass 3, keeping your panel scratch free.

Battery- To power the processor and vivid display, a large battery will be required. 4000 mAh will be decent to juice the phone for a day’s heavy usage.

Operating System- The phone will be powered by latest Android version will is until now Android L and will be themed by Sony, thanks to the open source nature of Android OS.

GPU- Final consumers will be able to high-end games without any lag, thanking to the Adreno 340 GPU.

Connectivity- Xperia Z3 will let users to browse at high- speeds, with support of 4G network. Other means include NFC, Bluetooth v4.0 etc.

How To Get A Home Loan

Every individual shares a dream that he or she should have their own house. But in today’s world, it is not an easy task to buy a home. Due to technological improvement, the real estate industries are booming. As a result the price of the homes is also increasing day by day.

Get A Home Loan

By this it is very difficult for a common man to buy a house. So for this many financial institutions are offering home loan facility to people. Getting a home loan is not an easy task. Lots of documents are required for this. But these financial institutions are always there to help people in getting loan. These loans are useful to everyone in many ways. These loans are helpful for landlords, tenants, government employees, business man and many more. Approval for home loans doesn’t take so much time. If you have every document with you then your loan can be sanctioned in an hour or a day.

If you also want to raise your credit ranking rating background of previous periods by indicates of a bad credit ranking score loans, then it is certainly a very fantastic concept. It is so because although a person can acquire loans with decreased credits but he needs to pay a very high amount of fascination in most of the cases. Hence, it is better to improve the money ranking score to create sure easily accessible of loans with low cost of fascination in the long run.

If that’s the situation, then it’s time for you to wake up and scent the money – viewing that a bad credit ranking score loans have a lot of impactful financial classes to display all of us. Tenants require not keep apart difficult money for the house financial loan deposit as the inadequate credit ranking financial loan takes treatment of it. Tenants discover on their own relieved, when they buy a bad credit ranking score financial loan.

When it arrives to financing the buy of your house unless you are very wealthy you will need a home loan. The price of your home loan is straight associated to the fascination amount you will pay on your house financial loan. In general, the worse you credit ranking rating is, the much more fascination you will invest each 30 days. As an outcome the best thing you can do to help you buy a house is to restore your credit ranking rating right away. Unfortunately it is not an immediate factor to do but instead is a procedure that can take something from twice to a few months.

Nevertheless, there are a section of financial lenders who charge reasonably reduce attention levels on individual loans. Using a financial loan is not a trivial matter as they are financial loans. It puts an important asset in stake. It also impacts the finances of the borrower prior to the lender. That’s why you should create a correct lookup for the financial loan precedence. Today looking has turn out to be a lot easier with the power of details technologies.

Start Getting Ready For Latest From Samsung That Is Samsung Galaxy S6

As soon as Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched it was quite clear that Samsung is in no mood to sit back and relax. With so many advanced features and elegant design the company managed to garner a very good response for galaxy S5.

Now it has been few months since this launch happened there are many people and smart phone analysts who have started taking about Samsung Galaxy S6 which is going to be the upcoming smart phone from Samsung.
After S5 everybody was thinking about latest range of Samsung wearable tech devices such as eye wear and advanced smart watch. Here are some interesting points about Samsung Galaxy S6 and the latest wearable tech from the company.Samsung Galaxy S6 is available in various stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM etc. and the Current price of Samsung Galaxy S6 is Rs 30,000 ..

Samsung Galaxy S6

This Time It Is Going To Be A Future Generation SmartPhone

Samsung company officials are putting loads of hard work so that they can come up with a future generation smart phone. This is the reason there are many smart phone analysts who are expecting a 4K HD display screen.

The screen size is rumored to be between 5.2 to 5.5 inches. Users can also expect a totally scratch resistant screen along with advanced and special corning gorilla glass protection. It really sounds interesting and good when you hear that your smart phone is going to be totally scratch resistant and the screen will be made from special material.

With so many amazing features and beautiful design to offer this time Samsung is going to make it an awesome affair. Initially it was thought that October 2014 is going to be the launch date for this smart phone but then it has been postponed to February, 2015.

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Every Analyst Is Expecting A 64-Bit Processor This Time

There are strong rumors that Apple is planning to come with a 64-bit processor with iphone 6 and Samsung seems to be going into the same direction and is planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S6 with a 64-bit processor. This processor is going to have a speed of 4 MHz and it might be an octa core processor.

With so much powerful processor configuration there is going to be an icing on the cake by adding 4 GB RAM. All these features means playing those 3D HD games is going to be a smooth and breezy affair. As far as price is concerned Samsung is planning to keep its price in the range of $750 to $750 and this price might come down a bit as soon as the sales are going to pick up or if you are able to find some additional discount from your smart phone retailer.

When we talk about advanced smart phone we must talk about the Camera and battery specification. Well the same is being discussed in the following section which is dedicated to battery and camera.
A 3300 mAh Battery And 20 Mega Pixel Special Cameras Might Be There

Samsung is planning to add a powerful 3300 mAh battery with Samsung Galaxy S6 and it is going to be a Li-on battery and will last for one and half day depending upon how aggressively you use your smart phone. With Android operating system battery has always been a concern and this time Samsung is planning to add a powerful battery so that you can enjoy it for longer period of time.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Now let us talk about Camera, galaxy S6 will come up with a 20 mega pixel rear camera with dual LED flash and there is going to be a 6 mega pixel front camera. It clearly means that the company is not leaving any stone unturned with any of the features. It will definitely please every category of customers and they will definitely like this smart phone.

Memory is another most important that every smartphone manufacturer is trying to improve and with Samsung Galaxy S6 there are chances that 128 in-built memory will be introduced. This much memory is enough for storing large amount of data, files, music, videos and movies as well as apps.

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As far as mobile operating system is concerned galaxy S6 is planned to come up with Android 5.0 that is Lollipop mobile operating system or the company might step a little ahead and introduce Android 6.0 that is Milkshake mobile operating system with this smart phone.


Apart from everything that has been mentioned above some more elegant features are expected to be added and some of them are listed as below. Along with S6 launch the company has also laid out a plan to launch wearable tech league of gadgets. All this is being planned after company managed to garner a tremendous response for its smart watch. According to the latest estimates the company has managed to sold about 1 million smart watches all over the world. Along with smart watch this time the company might also shell out eye wear. As Google is moving ahead aggressively into this direction the Samsung company is also trying to develop an advanced level of eye wear this time.-

A wide range of sensors such as accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, digital compass, proximity sensor, heart rate sensor and many more such excellent options.

Users can also expect Samsung to add pre-loaded apps and features such as predictive text input, Google Maps, Voice based Google Search, Gmail, YouTube Downloader, and Cloud Storage up to 50 GB.

The chipset that we discussed above is going to be an Octa-core Exynos chip and this will the first galaxy series smart phone that will come up with this special and unique chip. All these features will definitely take Samsung to next level.