College Lectures

Missed Your College Lectures : Try Recording It Next Time

In this competitive world, we cannot afford to miss our school or college because every day, every subject teacher teaches a new topic. If you miss your school or college for one day, you shall miss 6-7 different important topics in around 5 different subjects. Even your best of your friends or tuition teachers would fail to make you understand them well in a day. I used to refer my friends notes earlier, but this was not satisfactory.

College Lectures

Today schools have evolved and new technology has taken over. Lecturers and Professors record their lectures for effective reference for students. They share it with absentees and weak students for their better understanding and hence overall improvement. How very convenient!
But not all of us can afford to go to such a school. However, it is not that expensive either. Sometimes you get ill or meet with a fracture and hence you need to miss school or college for few days.
“Where there is a will, there’s a way”

Lets us discuss some simple steps, which you can easily follow to record a live lecture in your school or college:
Think about the points whether recording will help you or not:

1. Sometimes the subjects are too complex and need a better understanding. In this situation, you can refer the lecture twice or thrice and hence, you can develop a clear understanding about the topic.

2. Sometimes you are not so confident that your friend will guide you well through the missing lectures and hence, you wish to record that missing lecture.

3. Some professors are too fast in teaching. They cover 3-4 topics in one class without thinking whether students are following it or not. There you wish to have a recording for later reference.


Take consent with the professor. There are 2 points, which make some professors negative towards recording lectures:

1. The student would be paying more attention towards recording procedures rather than studying the topics which professor is teaching.
2. Other students will be distracted by the same.
3. Students generally share the videos on YouTube or other such media. Some naughty students comment senseless stuff on the video, which annoys the faculty and other staff. So, it is very important to take your teacher’s permission.

Choose and buy from any one of the recording solutions for class lectures. Consider many factors like recording capacity and device size before buying a new recorder:

1. If you are wishing to only record the audio, then choose best voice recorder lectures, which rejects the background noise and only captures the main lecturer’s voice effectively.
2. Focus on the memory of the recorder. The device should be capable enough to store an entire lecture or a long speech. If not, please be prepared with extra tapes or CDs.
3. Buy one of the best technologies in the market. Some even have USB ports to directly connect with laptops. They are more preferable.
4. Buy one, which is easy to hold and carry along.
Hope this article would be helpful for your next missing lecture!


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