Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 : Rumors, News, Release Date and Location Maps

Recent updates from Forbes show us that all previous micro-purchases in GTA online have incurred a whopping $150 million in international revenues. So as long as GTA bears this kind of success it is highly unlikely that Rockstar Entertainment rushes further releases. Although many pessimists view the previous GTA Online’s successes as a serious challenge for the successors, most of the analysts believe that this will not dampen the spirits of the writers, designers and publishers as long as GTA 6 is concerned.

Grand Theft Auto 6

So how long do we have to wait?

The first version was released in 1997 and the most recent one saw the light of day in 2013. A safe analysis of the release time and the lapses in between makes 2018 quite a safe bet. Although no confirmed word has been received from Rockstar Entertainment, most analysts are gunning on 2018 as the release year of GTA 6.

The latest version was released for all consoles and we see no reason why Rockstar will narrow the horizons with GTA 6. All players on Xboxes, PlayStations and PCs should be excited for the release of GTA 6. After all the latest snippets from the game show HD clips from new locations with enhanced graphics.

Will we see a female main lead?

As Leslie Benzies stated immediately after the release of GTA v, “This time we did not think much about a female character. But once we start working on the characters of GTA 6 the inclusion of a strong female character is a definite possibility.” This is definitely good news for all the pro-feminist gamers of our century who would love to see a sliver of reality in their daily gamine regime as well. GTA 6 is gradually broaching a staggering reality which is setting extremely high standards for other contemporary games.

Will we get to play in London?

Dan Houser states, “London is definitely a possibility but due to certain limitations GTA 6 might not feature a London set up.” Although this is disappointing for all GTA patrons who were gunning for the capital of England as their virtual racing city, but they can always read these as words of hope. After all GTA is known to include fan suggestions in their character and location building processes. Hence we will definitely not be surprised if Rockstar soon develops another version of the game in London roads.

What if we race across the USA?

That may sound like quite a farfetched idea, but in reality it is not impossible. Certain limitations due to cross-console compatibility may restrict the development of a cross-country map where players can toggle from one city to another during a gaming session. But multiple cities can definitely be included as a part of the GTA 6 game locations.
After the idea of GTA: Tokyo was ditched it became obvious that the developers were trying for a local location with all the elements necessary to build suspense, give ample roads to drive (sometimes like maniacs) and have a lot of fun. Hence Las Vegas becomes an obvious choice for the game developers. So the Grand Theft Auto 6 maybe the Las Vegas or Sin City version all of us have been waiting for.

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