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How to Edit Videos with Mobile Phones in Mind

When you want to edit videos for mobile phones – there are quite a few areas you need to take into account. In particular however, you should be aware that the screen size of mobile phones will mean that some of the smaller elements in your videos may not be that apparent. Also, mobile phones tend to have limited storage space – so file size is another issue. Continue reading How to Edit Videos with Mobile Phones in Mind

Master the Art of Home Automation with These 5 tips

We know that home automation is one of the best technologies that is shaping up and improving our lives on a daily basis. To ensure that you implement it correctly, you first need to have a good idea of what home automation actually is. Someone who is looking for automating his home for the first time will need some tips and we have researched well enough to provide you with 5 tips which will help you to master the art of home automation. Have a look at these insightful tips on how you can create a perfect home automation solution.

Get a definitive buying guide for the perfect home automation solution

Before you start the process of automating your home, you need to have a good and definitive buying guide with you. This will ensure that you don’t end up spending too much on your home automation solutions. You need to have a good balance between pricing and affordability so that the complete automation solution has great products and you sum up everything within your decided budget. There is no point in wasting too much money on basic home automation products. So you must properly research with a good buying guide for your home automation.

Make a selection of which products you want to automate

You definitely can’t make all the devices in your home automatic. It would be too costly and inefficient to have all the products automated. The best thing you can do is to make a selection of the products you use the most. This will ensure that home automation will make your life convenient by automating only the products which need to be automated. There are a range of products available in the market that can be automated but you need to be selective and choose only those which you need the most.

home automation solution

Plan everything before you implement it in your home

It is not frequent that we implement a home automation solution. Thus, before actually implementing everything you need to plan out things. Make a list of which products you want to automate, the people who will be implementing everything need to know about how you want everything to be. This will bring more clarity of how you want the end result to be and will also let the people know what they need to work on. So, you need to have a good plan in place before moving things ahead for the implementation of home automation.

Know the technology behind home automation

This is very obvious in mastering the art of home automation. If you don’t know how the complete process of home automation works, you can’t master it. It is always good to know what you are getting your hands into. Although the technology has been tried and proven to be great, if you know in depth about it, it will help you in a better way. You will be able to make a better judgment on which products to put up where and how will the whole thing work.

Get everything in perfect synchronization

Getting everything to work perfectly in sync is the key for home automation. The main aim of automating your home is to make your life easier and your daily tasks more convenient. If everything works in sync, only then will the purpose of automating your home be achieved. The technology only works correctly when all the devices work together to make your tasks effortless. If it is not implemented properly, it can make your life more difficult than easy. So, make sure that every product is installed in a way that makes them more efficient as well as convenient to use.

Final Say

Home Automation is rightly mentioned as an art because there are several things that are involved in making them perfect. So with these tips, we feel that you can truly master the art of home automation and implement it in your homes in the best way possible.

Top 5 Highlights of

If you’re tech savvy who is well equipped with the knowledge of websites, then you know what a website builder is. One of many such congenial website builders is It does not only target the creative specimen, but also deals with stores, small-scale businesses, firms, and individuals. Anyone that are looking for an unexampled, unique online home, should go for this builder.’s forte lies in the user-friendly interface, an ostentatious design that looks good even when opened with small screens. Keeping non-programmers in mind, this builder is geared up with intuitive and modish features which let you build an e-commerce-capable, search engine optimized, HTML5-expostulated websites with a custom domain and free hosting. However, the account version is not free and you have to subscribe yourself to a particular plan of varying time periods and prices. At the cost of absolute absence of third-party as similations, it’s entirely worth it.
Interface and Pricing:

Like Weebly or Wix, doesn’t provide free pages with a brand tag. Sure, it lets you create an infinite number of web pages, but to publish them, you need a premium plan. The premium plan can be acquired after registering yourself with an email account. Once you’re done with creating the account, you can find incommensurable price plans at different prices varying from $5.95-$9.95 depending on the time periods, accordingly. The bandwidth is relatively large with an adequate storage, customized domain, and diurnal customer support.  On the other hand, the interface of this website maker is abstract, straightforward and beckoning. Buttons run along the top side of the interface where you can get access to various editing options. The drag and drop tool that is available helps in plain sailing navigation. However, the mobile view option is not yet available which is why the site doesn’t have a sundered outlook when viewed from mobile devices.


The first step you do in creating a website is choosing a template from any website creator. There are a various number of templates available on that is sorted according to the type and purpose say “One-Page”, “Business”, “Architecture” et. al. To help you in building the site, the builder has a healthy blog where you can find guidelines, tips that help in improving your rank, optimizing the search engine findings and customization.  Most of the templates are sized for the full page on which you can add content or any other kind of appealing images. They are clean, sophisticated and well-designed. You can also change the font, background, favicon, header, color accordingly if you have a prior vision of the website outlook. When you’re browsing through the templates and find a template fancy enough for your site, you can just have a preview of it by clicking the preview button. This option will give you the theme-devoted web pages, blossoming with refinement.

  • One of the simplest online website builder with facile drag & drop tool that makes the building process interesting and fun.
  • The Web responsive, SEO optimized, mobile responsive, easily navigated websites are produced as end products and the CSS/HTML access helps in modifying the design, whenever you want.
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The difficulty in building a website through has been rated as relatively low when compared with other contemporary website builders. It is suitable for all kind of customers, be it the beginners, the intermediates the advanced users or the professionals. Through the interface, you get familiarized with various kind of tools that helps you know whether you need to upgrade your design thoughts or not. What are you waiting for? Get set and build a website through this amazing free website builder.

Exploring the key benefits of hosted PBX VoIP

The top five advantages of hosted PBX

Over the years, hosted PBX phone systems have been well regarded for their ability to deliver immense and tangible benefits to businesses of all sizes and verticals, most prominently small to midsized (SMB) businesses. For anyone looking to do away with the restrictions and cost burdens of unreliable proprietary phone systems, it may be worthwhile to explore the benefits of services provided by hosted PBX providers.

Exploring the key benefits of hosted PBX VoIP

Here are the top five benefits of hosted PBX VoIP

Greater cost efficiency

Hosted PBX solutions cost less overall, particularly when taking into consideration the cost burdens of ongoing repairs and downtime more commonly associated with legacy systems. Unlike premise-based system, hosted systems are managed offsite by the service provider. Furthermore, VoIP telephony necessitates far less equipment and no complex infrastructure to be purchased or configured as it relies solely on the Internet to deliver telecommunications services.

Increased scalability

Previously, it was always a concern that the system would need to be upgraded long before any tangible returns on investment were seen. This is not the case with managed PBX, in fact, the technology was designed to grow seamlessly to meet current and future business needs without requiring costly upgrades or rewiring. In this type of scenario, businesses are able to add or remove lines, extensions and even mobile devices with ease. This means that businesses no longer need to fear lost investments should their business grow faster (or slower) than originally forecasted.

Decreased maintenance responsibility

The end-user is not required to manage or maintain a hosted system, all of this is handled off-site by the service provider. This means that customers of such services are not required to dedicate an in-house tech team or invest time or money in ongoing system maintenance and instead are free to focus on more pertinent aspects of their business. More importantly, they report increases in uptime since the system, if repairs are needed, is never taken offline.

Maximum system reliability

Hosted VoIP PBX systems are renowned for their ability to connect every call without fail. This means no lag in response times, no lapses in call quality and no delays. End-users enjoy crystal clear call quality and voice clarity that far surpasses what was ever available through the traditional PSTN network.

True disaster recovery

As history proves, when disasters like storms, fires or power outages strike one of the very first things to ‘go down’ is the phone line. Or, at least, that is the case of anyone still relying on legacy systems for their communications needs. This disruption can bring a staggering halt to business and employee productivity, drastically affecting the bottom line and closing off external communications. A hosted solution will mitigate the risks associated with such disasters, allowing communications to continue even in emergency situations. In fact, even if the physical business location is rendered inaccessible, communications to the business can be instantly routed to any other location where Internet or mobile phone service is possible allowing business operations to continue.