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What to expect from LG G5

LG has always try to put in some extra effort to get a respectable place in the market. It will be unfair to say that it hasn’t any reputation as of now. LG G4 that was released almost five months ago was a great success and the launch of LG G5 is nearing by. So, if you are anxious about what is there in LG G5 then some of your quarries will be answered.



LG G5 is reportedly scheduled to be launched in 2016. However, there is no official confirmation on the same. Rumors have suggested that LG G5 is all but ready and going through final phase of testing before production.


Many new features are to be added in LG and G5 is expected to be phone of extreme good features. The rumors are suggesting that the phone will come with Fingerprint Scanner. LG has always shown the intent to make some technical advancement in recent times and if rumors are to believed, LG is trying to launch Iris Scanner as well. However, there has been no confirmation at all. The other major thing that LG may bring on to G5 is the all metal body. LG is trying hard to make an impact and the all metal would be ideal for G5. The phone is expected to have the display size of 5.5 inches. The QHD screen should be another boost for LG G5. The 4K resolution could be the game changer for LG G5. However, there are reports that suggest that LG is working toward edges to give the phone smoother and sleeker look. There is no confirmation on how it will be implemented. The another thing that LG would love to improve with G5 is battery life. LG is trying to improve the performance and introduce the 4K screen with high battery back up. Poor battery leads to lower performance and hassle. However, resources bave mentioned that LG is planning for good battery for G5. Apart from it, there are few more changes expected from LG G5. The design of the screen is rumored to be compact. The camera performance is something that can be bettered. On the other hand, there will be apps in the phone with higher utilization as per the resources. However, every specification is based upon the rumors or the leaked information. The LG G5 ia going to be a phone that will be anticipated in market considering the huge amount of expectations.

Market Analysis

The smartphone market is going through a transition and more features are expected from every single launch. LG G5 has to make some real improvement in the phone as compare to Galaxy s7 to take out a good share in the market.

Even though LG has not announced any official information about so called G5 but the rumors have generated enough interest in the market. However, more information will be revealed as the time progresses.

MPow Bluetooth Earphones – Experience sound in Gearbest

Phone has become the necessity of life and in the modern era there is hardly anything that does not a phone. The same way along with phone, phone accessories are very popular and essential. There is hardly any phone accessory that has more popularity than earphones. It is not only used to listen to some music but also speaking over phone so that your hands remain free. Most of the smart phones comes with company made earphones, however, the quality of the earphones aren’t the best. If you want to enjoy some soothing and comfortable sound then MPow Cheetah MBH6 Bluetooth Earphone is one of the best in the industry. The earphone is easily available in one of the leading online shop

MPow Bluetooth Earphones

This is feature loaded product aiming for better quality, comfort and versatility. The Bluetooth has very good range of 10 meters and that is good enough in daily life. When it comes to quality, the earphones are absolutely stunning. Multi points technology have been used for pairing the devices. The noise reduction technology has also been used that makes the sound soothing and nice. It is true that you might have come across muddy experience with other headphones, but with MPow on your ear, you will experience sound that you have never experienced before with robust bass.

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The versatility of the earphone is even more impressive. The behind the ear ergonomics has been designed very carefully. It looks stylish, feels comfortable and is also stable especially during sport or active time. It alerts on low battery as well as vibrate during incoming calls. The stereo running earphone is the best purchase for those who love to use phone hands free and love music. This is compatible with almost every smart phone and is one of the best iPhone headsets available in the market.

5 Best Basic Phones in India

Not everyone wants to join the smartphone bandwagon or is in a race to own the newly launched smartphone upped with amazing features. Many people today and particularly, the older generation find difficulty in handling the smartphones launched today either because they are touch based or because of their operating system. Couple it with the functions they come packed with, which further confuses them. If you too are one of them, you will know the struggle of finding that one basic phone which caters to your simple needs carefully. Here is a list which will help you deciding on which phone to buy and close the deal:

1) Karbonn K111+

Karbonn K111+

Karbonn mobiles launched in the year 2009 and since then have produced good quality phones at affordable price tags. Karbonn K111+ is one such offering of theirs. It’s a perfect option for those who want a basic phone which handles their business as well as personal life. It is a dual SIM phone and is 2.4 inches which will fit in your hand easily. It even has a 1.3 mega pixel primary camera in case you want to capture and send a document over to someone. It also supports micro SD cards for storing up to 8GB of external data.

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2) Nokia 105

Nokia 105

Nokia 105 is a popular option among those who want a basic phone which has good looks. It is available in two colors i.e. Cyan and Black. It’s priced at Rs.1103.The phone is extremely light-weight with a weight of just 70 grams. It also has a flash light which is a super useful feature. It has a screen size of 1.45 inches and screen resolution of 128×128 pixels. It has an internal memory of 8MB with 384 KB RAM which is pretty good for a basic phone. The phone offer decent sound quality with inbuilt loud speakers. However you will need a mini SIM to use it. By availing shopclues coupons available on, you can make it yours at an even lower price with the bonus of cashback.

3) Nokia 220

Nokia 220

If you can up your budget a bit more above Rs.2000, the stylish looking Nokia 220 will be a good choice. The screen has a size of 6.1 cm which makes for a comfortable viewing. The display resolution is 320×240 pixels with a pixel density of 167 ppi. It also has a good 2 mega pixel primary camera. It has an internal RAM of 8GB which can expanded up to 32GB to handle your ever growing storage needs. The phone provides a talk time of up to 15 hours. With the Bluetooth connectivity in it, you can share your data easily.

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4) Nokia 130

Nokia 130

Yes! Nokia again! Nokia delivers an impressive quality when it comes ot basic phones and gives a lot of options to choose from.Released more than a year back, Nokia 130 still continues to rule the market. With a weight of 68.9 grams, it makes for an ultra-feather light option to hold in hand conveniently.It has a battery capacity of 1020 mAhwhich gives atalk time of around 13 hours. This means long chats without interruptions.

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5) Micromax X090

Micromax X090

Micromax has released a string of power packed phones recently which have sold quickly. However it also has some basic phones which are ideal for those who don’t expect much from their phones. One such basic phone from their brand is Micromax X090.It has a 1.8 inch screen with an alphanumeric keypad. The primary camera has 0.08MPwith a resolution of 352×288 pixels. The storage can be expanded up to 8GB which is quite decent.

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Rounding up the best business phones of 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Currently the king of the Android Empire. The S6 is an easy pick overall, it’s arguably the fastest smartphone on the market right now, with a stunning a display and a premium metal-and-glass design. However, what makes it a great business (and personal) phone are the productivity-boosting tools and features, split-screen multitasking, and S Finder, which assists you in finding everything that’s in your phone. Click Here to get the Best Price of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung recently upgraded the fingerprint reader to improve security. And improve they did. It is now as reliable as Apple’s Touch ID scanner found on the iPhone 6. Finally, Samsung’s Knox security suite segregates personal and work apps to keep your business and personal data private. And with the very attractive Samsung S6 price from iiNet, you’ll getgreat bargain and coverage with cutting-edge technology.

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Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Split-screen multitasking
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Samsung Knox

Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 is making the rounds in the online arena. The newest note boasts a very big screen at 5.7 inch display – and that my friend makes it an awesome business partner. It is the sleekest stylus-equipped jumbo-screen smartphone that Samsung has ever created. Its big screen gives you a lot of room to multitask – so long as you can handle a smartphone with an exceptionally big screen.

It stands out with its nifty stylus, which offers greater flexibility and pressure sensitivity than last year’s model. It also has a finger scanner for increased security, and a longer battery life to boot. Click Here to get the Best Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Large display
  • Built-in stylus
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Split-screen multitasking
  • Long battery life

iPhone 6 Plus

Jump into the wagon. If you’re an iOS paramour and a fan of the Apple mobile experience, then iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect business phone for you. It sports a wide, 5.5-inch display that dwarfs previous iPhone models that has a 4-inch screen, including the 4.7 –inch for iPhone 6. This means all the good things for businesspersons, since the big display gives you more space for your tasks like editing and viewing large documents.

iPhone 6 Plus
The phone offers unmatched performance and excellent selection of free and premium apps that most iOS users came to love about Apple. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the home button is a big advantage for security-minder business users. Moreover, it sports better battery life than previous iPhone models. Click Here to get the Best Price of Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Large display
  • Thin and light design
  • Long battery life
  • Fingerprint reader
  • iOS 8 operating system (9 coming soon).

Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)
If you want a pure Android experience in a business phone without the extra clutter, then Motorola Moto X is the right partner for you. This 5.2-inch wonder isn’t simply the best smartphone for Android fans; it’s also packed with a healthy amount of productivity-boosting features that many phones lack. This includes always-listening voice commands; allowing you to save a note, add a calendar entry, set reminder, or alarm without touching the device. Click Here to get the Best Price of Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)

Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Thin and light design
  • Touchless controls
  • Stock Android
  • Long battery life

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Start Getting Ready For Latest From Samsung That Is Samsung Galaxy S6

As soon as Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched it was quite clear that Samsung is in no mood to sit back and relax. With so many advanced features and elegant design the company managed to garner a very good response for galaxy S5.

Now it has been few months since this launch happened there are many people and smart phone analysts who have started taking about Samsung Galaxy S6 which is going to be the upcoming smart phone from Samsung.
After S5 everybody was thinking about latest range of Samsung wearable tech devices such as eye wear and advanced smart watch. Here are some interesting points about Samsung Galaxy S6 and the latest wearable tech from the company.Samsung Galaxy S6 is available in various stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM etc. and the Current price of Samsung Galaxy S6 is Rs 30,000 ..

Samsung Galaxy S6

This Time It Is Going To Be A Future Generation SmartPhone

Samsung company officials are putting loads of hard work so that they can come up with a future generation smart phone. This is the reason there are many smart phone analysts who are expecting a 4K HD display screen.

The screen size is rumored to be between 5.2 to 5.5 inches. Users can also expect a totally scratch resistant screen along with advanced and special corning gorilla glass protection. It really sounds interesting and good when you hear that your smart phone is going to be totally scratch resistant and the screen will be made from special material.

With so many amazing features and beautiful design to offer this time Samsung is going to make it an awesome affair. Initially it was thought that October 2014 is going to be the launch date for this smart phone but then it has been postponed to February, 2015.

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Every Analyst Is Expecting A 64-Bit Processor This Time

There are strong rumors that Apple is planning to come with a 64-bit processor with iphone 6 and Samsung seems to be going into the same direction and is planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S6 with a 64-bit processor. This processor is going to have a speed of 4 MHz and it might be an octa core processor.

With so much powerful processor configuration there is going to be an icing on the cake by adding 4 GB RAM. All these features means playing those 3D HD games is going to be a smooth and breezy affair. As far as price is concerned Samsung is planning to keep its price in the range of $750 to $750 and this price might come down a bit as soon as the sales are going to pick up or if you are able to find some additional discount from your smart phone retailer.

When we talk about advanced smart phone we must talk about the Camera and battery specification. Well the same is being discussed in the following section which is dedicated to battery and camera.
A 3300 mAh Battery And 20 Mega Pixel Special Cameras Might Be There

Samsung is planning to add a powerful 3300 mAh battery with Samsung Galaxy S6 and it is going to be a Li-on battery and will last for one and half day depending upon how aggressively you use your smart phone. With Android operating system battery has always been a concern and this time Samsung is planning to add a powerful battery so that you can enjoy it for longer period of time.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Now let us talk about Camera, galaxy S6 will come up with a 20 mega pixel rear camera with dual LED flash and there is going to be a 6 mega pixel front camera. It clearly means that the company is not leaving any stone unturned with any of the features. It will definitely please every category of customers and they will definitely like this smart phone.

Memory is another most important that every smartphone manufacturer is trying to improve and with Samsung Galaxy S6 there are chances that 128 in-built memory will be introduced. This much memory is enough for storing large amount of data, files, music, videos and movies as well as apps.

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As far as mobile operating system is concerned galaxy S6 is planned to come up with Android 5.0 that is Lollipop mobile operating system or the company might step a little ahead and introduce Android 6.0 that is Milkshake mobile operating system with this smart phone.


Apart from everything that has been mentioned above some more elegant features are expected to be added and some of them are listed as below. Along with S6 launch the company has also laid out a plan to launch wearable tech league of gadgets. All this is being planned after company managed to garner a tremendous response for its smart watch. According to the latest estimates the company has managed to sold about 1 million smart watches all over the world. Along with smart watch this time the company might also shell out eye wear. As Google is moving ahead aggressively into this direction the Samsung company is also trying to develop an advanced level of eye wear this time.-

A wide range of sensors such as accelerometer sensor, gyro sensor, digital compass, proximity sensor, heart rate sensor and many more such excellent options.

Users can also expect Samsung to add pre-loaded apps and features such as predictive text input, Google Maps, Voice based Google Search, Gmail, YouTube Downloader, and Cloud Storage up to 50 GB.

The chipset that we discussed above is going to be an Octa-core Exynos chip and this will the first galaxy series smart phone that will come up with this special and unique chip. All these features will definitely take Samsung to next level.