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Distance MBA – A Saviour for Growing Economies

Advance learning technology and increased connectivity has brought distance learning at par with its full-time equivalents. There are different online platforms to study from home or the work desk. Distance MBA is an advanced option that opens up new areas for Continue reading Distance MBA – A Saviour for Growing Economies

A Review of Coalition Technologies Services

Whether you’re a seasoned company or just carving out a niche, it’s important to get onboard with the right digital platform. Websites have come a long way in recent years, and if you don’t have a handle on all the layers of online marketing it can be a challenge to get your company’s voice heard. Coalition Technologies, a marketing and SEO company, provides services that can help you get your digital foot in the door.

Coalition Technologies Services

SEO & Marketing

If your business has a website already in place, Coalition Technologies can take the existing structure to the next step with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how great the design of your website is if it gets buried under other websites in search engine results. Unless a customer is specifically searching for your brand’s name, having your website rank anywhere other than the top two or three results renders your efforts a waste of time. Utilizing SEO strategies, Coalition Technologies can boost your site’s ranking and build links within your niche community by using powerful keywords that grab the attention of search engines and consumers.

A customer of Coalition Technologies had this to say about their search engine optimization techniques:

“The designers were extremely helpful and nice and helped guide me through the whole process of designing my new website. Once the site was finished, their SEO worker did a quick job of pushing my site to the top of search results.” — Night T.

Web Design

Businesses can no longer rely upon billboards and print ads to get their message out. As people spend more time online, it is critical for companies to have an online presence to stay afloat. Gone are the days when companies relied on a single designer to put together a website in a day’s time. For a truly effective web presence, your company needs a multifaceted campaign combining traditional websites, mobile apps, social media, and more. Coalition Technologies can help you through the entire process of projecting your digital presence across multiple platforms. They use multiple designers and SEO technicians to ensure your website is easy to access, constantly updated, and pleasant to navigate.

“I am very satisfied with the quality of work of Coalition Technologies and will be using their services again. I have primarily used their web design services, and they deliver a solid product at a great price. Really a good deal considering the high prices out there.”  — Jeremy N.

Coalition Technologies


Getting your website to the top of search engine rankings encompasses more than just crafting a great website. To generate traffic with current search engine algorithms, you need to invest in an Adword campaign. The PPC (Pay Per Click) experts at Coalition Technologies can drive traffic to your site. As a certified partner of Google Adwords, Coalition Technologies can manage your website’s SEO ranking to maximize the effect of traffic flowing through your site. Knowing how to bid on the keywords in Adwords can be tricky, but with the assistance of Coalition Technologies, you’ll have an extra edge to make your ad profitable.

“I have referred many of my clients to Joel at Coalition Technologies…. I appreciate that Coalition Technologies can handle more sophisticated projects like Adwords management, app creation, and custom web design which are essential these days.” — Nick Fitzer, Sales Executive


Designing an online marketing campaign is about more than simply creating a website— it’s about creating a digital brand for your company. Branding engages loyal customers by building instant recognition and reputation no matter what industry your company is in. The team at Coalition Technologies has staff with expertise in disciplines beyond the basics of website mechanics, including graphic designers, copywriters, and many others, who can seamlessly blend all aspects of your company into a unified brand. The team working on your brand creates memorable advertising to support your presence both online and in physical locations.

“Coalition has exceeded our expectations…They understand our company and brand image.
They respond quickly, often instantly, to our needs. They take pride in their work and will see a job through, even when we get picky. Our website has been greatly enhanced in its ease of use and aesthetic appeal.” — Bryan B., Social Media Manager / Mirabella Beauty

Author Bio:
Rohit Bhargava has been actively involved in SEO and Online Marketing industry for over 5 years from website audit, link building, social media and search engine optimization. He is passionate for his work and finds innovative ways of providing excellent results for his clients. When he is not in front of his computer, he enjoys reading, writing, and spending his time with his family.

5 Worst Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online

Starting a new business in any sector that you prefer is one opening most people go into. However, there may be disputes that lie ahead even before starting your trade. One main challenge that you will come across is having your business up and administration and maintaining it in process while dealing your trade precisely and decreasing the problem. Finding the right policy can be a helpful way in order to straight away hit your aim with just a distinct blow.
Have a look on some important tips one should consider to avoid Worst Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online:

1. Incorporate first before starting your business

It is important to confirm that your liabilities are insured before doing something. It is much good to include or have a LLC before your business starts up. In this method, you are saving your special assets by setting up a line between your specialized businesses from your special affairs. This is confirming that when the worst case situation is experience, you still need to keep your car, land, house, and similar personal assets.

5 Worst Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online

2. Invite and refer a tax expert

There will constantly be factors or areas in your trade that will seem indistinct to you. It is wise to discuss with a CPA to deal with those concerns. CPA’s can definitely give you with knowledge and explanations about tax suggestions and how a variety of structures can guide you in making sure your assets and save you from needless spending.

3. Understand your market well

It will all the time sensible to master your market. You should find to know and appreciate who will be selecting for your trade. Understand needs of your target audience and directly target them. One method of doing this is to go after a company that you believe is competitive in your locale of business. Write down their unique features as well as merge them with your own individual ideas. If your column of business is cars, reinvent the knowledge of other companies and business owners in the same files as what you are managing.

4. Innovate your production

No matter which is the industry you’re in, don’t stay motionless. Speak with younger teens and be modern with what’s new and approaching. Move and create your term of marketing and move about to the next level. It is better to take help from social networking. Innovate. Never stop even if you attained the top.

5. Ideally manage your finances as well as spending

A number of small businesses create the mistake of spending too quickly with the resources that they have expressive that this can boost their sales and level of profit. It will either be expenses what some people have exhausted in their business, or they apply all that approaches on their doors. This can completely be obliging in the opening stages of growth but can turn into a disaster for long term achievement. You have to confirm to invest your cash more acutely in areas that can be a great prospect to find a higher return.

Exploring the key benefits of hosted PBX VoIP

The top five advantages of hosted PBX

Over the years, hosted PBX phone systems have been well regarded for their ability to deliver immense and tangible benefits to businesses of all sizes and verticals, most prominently small to midsized (SMB) businesses. For anyone looking to do away with the restrictions and cost burdens of unreliable proprietary phone systems, it may be worthwhile to explore the benefits of services provided by hosted PBX providers.

Exploring the key benefits of hosted PBX VoIP

Here are the top five benefits of hosted PBX VoIP

Greater cost efficiency

Hosted PBX solutions cost less overall, particularly when taking into consideration the cost burdens of ongoing repairs and downtime more commonly associated with legacy systems. Unlike premise-based system, hosted systems are managed offsite by the service provider. Furthermore, VoIP telephony necessitates far less equipment and no complex infrastructure to be purchased or configured as it relies solely on the Internet to deliver telecommunications services.

Increased scalability

Previously, it was always a concern that the system would need to be upgraded long before any tangible returns on investment were seen. This is not the case with managed PBX, in fact, the technology was designed to grow seamlessly to meet current and future business needs without requiring costly upgrades or rewiring. In this type of scenario, businesses are able to add or remove lines, extensions and even mobile devices with ease. This means that businesses no longer need to fear lost investments should their business grow faster (or slower) than originally forecasted.

Decreased maintenance responsibility

The end-user is not required to manage or maintain a hosted system, all of this is handled off-site by the service provider. This means that customers of such services are not required to dedicate an in-house tech team or invest time or money in ongoing system maintenance and instead are free to focus on more pertinent aspects of their business. More importantly, they report increases in uptime since the system, if repairs are needed, is never taken offline.

Maximum system reliability

Hosted VoIP PBX systems are renowned for their ability to connect every call without fail. This means no lag in response times, no lapses in call quality and no delays. End-users enjoy crystal clear call quality and voice clarity that far surpasses what was ever available through the traditional PSTN network.

True disaster recovery

As history proves, when disasters like storms, fires or power outages strike one of the very first things to ‘go down’ is the phone line. Or, at least, that is the case of anyone still relying on legacy systems for their communications needs. This disruption can bring a staggering halt to business and employee productivity, drastically affecting the bottom line and closing off external communications. A hosted solution will mitigate the risks associated with such disasters, allowing communications to continue even in emergency situations. In fact, even if the physical business location is rendered inaccessible, communications to the business can be instantly routed to any other location where Internet or mobile phone service is possible allowing business operations to continue.

Rounding up the best business phones of 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

Currently the king of the Android Empire. The S6 is an easy pick overall, it’s arguably the fastest smartphone on the market right now, with a stunning a display and a premium metal-and-glass design. However, what makes it a great business (and personal) phone are the productivity-boosting tools and features, split-screen multitasking, and S Finder, which assists you in finding everything that’s in your phone. Click Here to get the Best Price of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung recently upgraded the fingerprint reader to improve security. And improve they did. It is now as reliable as Apple’s Touch ID scanner found on the iPhone 6. Finally, Samsung’s Knox security suite segregates personal and work apps to keep your business and personal data private. And with the very attractive Samsung S6 price from iiNet, you’ll getgreat bargain and coverage with cutting-edge technology.

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Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Split-screen multitasking
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Samsung Knox

Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 is making the rounds in the online arena. The newest note boasts a very big screen at 5.7 inch display – and that my friend makes it an awesome business partner. It is the sleekest stylus-equipped jumbo-screen smartphone that Samsung has ever created. Its big screen gives you a lot of room to multitask – so long as you can handle a smartphone with an exceptionally big screen.

It stands out with its nifty stylus, which offers greater flexibility and pressure sensitivity than last year’s model. It also has a finger scanner for increased security, and a longer battery life to boot. Click Here to get the Best Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Large display
  • Built-in stylus
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Split-screen multitasking
  • Long battery life

iPhone 6 Plus

Jump into the wagon. If you’re an iOS paramour and a fan of the Apple mobile experience, then iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect business phone for you. It sports a wide, 5.5-inch display that dwarfs previous iPhone models that has a 4-inch screen, including the 4.7 –inch for iPhone 6. This means all the good things for businesspersons, since the big display gives you more space for your tasks like editing and viewing large documents.

iPhone 6 Plus
The phone offers unmatched performance and excellent selection of free and premium apps that most iOS users came to love about Apple. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the home button is a big advantage for security-minder business users. Moreover, it sports better battery life than previous iPhone models. Click Here to get the Best Price of Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Large display
  • Thin and light design
  • Long battery life
  • Fingerprint reader
  • iOS 8 operating system (9 coming soon).

Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)
If you want a pure Android experience in a business phone without the extra clutter, then Motorola Moto X is the right partner for you. This 5.2-inch wonder isn’t simply the best smartphone for Android fans; it’s also packed with a healthy amount of productivity-boosting features that many phones lack. This includes always-listening voice commands; allowing you to save a note, add a calendar entry, set reminder, or alarm without touching the device. Click Here to get the Best Price of Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen)

Key features:

  • Fast performance
  • Thin and light design
  • Touchless controls
  • Stock Android
  • Long battery life

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Dos & Don’ts in Bulk SMS Services or Bulk SMS Marketing

Now a day’s most of the corporate companies are using BULK SMS Services to promote their product/service because everyone is using the mobile phones other than any other communication tool. While promoting ensure that the messages you send to your clients are precise and simple. Customized messaging option will be provided to send the messages to your client with contact information about the recipient.

KAPSYSTEM – Bulk SMS Company is one of the fastest growing bulk sms service provider company in India which can help you what to do and what not do on Bulk SMS Marketing or Bulk SMS Service via in their case study with their customer base

Bulk SMS Services

Dos on Bulk SMS Marketing:

  • The content we are sending should be compatible with the device & match with the requirement of the client so the right people will receive the right SMS for business.
  • The message content should be very short, and then only everyone will read the complete message.
  • Give the option to get feedback from customer, so they will feel that you are valuing their words also.
  • While sending any kind of offer, you can include the Coupon Code/Voucher number for that offer; it will increase the value of your message.

Don’ts on Bulk SMS Marketing:

  • Don’t send messages at inappropriate hours, no one likes to receive messages in that time.
  • Don’t exclude the opt-out option in your message because the customer has the rights to decline your messaging service.
  • Avoid long messages that take time to scroll hence can get boring. Therefore, if you want your clients to read the messages to the end, keep them short.
  • Don’t send irrelevant messages

Are you looking Bulk SMS Bangalore? KAPSYSTEM – Bulk SMS Company can help you out to fulfil your requirement irrespective of Promotional Bulk SMS or Transactional Bulk SMS.

  • Our Services are not limited to bulk sms. It also includes
    Dedicated / Shared Short Code Services
  • Dedicated / Shared Long Code Services (or) VMN(Virtual Mobile Number) Services
  • Missed Call Services
  • Voice Call Services
  • IVR Solutions

Our Bulk SMS Service can do wonder for your business if you utilize it correctly. Remember to think your message content before clicking the “send button”.
For further assistance mail to or call on +91 97380 10000

Why Do You Need To Make It Easy For Your Customers to Complaint When It Comes To Contract Centre Services

Why Do You Need To Make It Easy For Your Customers to Complaint When It Comes To Contract Centre Services

Easy For Your Customers to Complaint

If customers complaint is considered to be a gift for your business, then what would you call when no one is complaining. Customers call you as they are dissatisfied with your products and services or by some mistake that your team has generally made. The employees here would air the grievances as they feel that the management is being totally unfair with them, and the way you handle them can make or break your company.

When there is a complaint that comes against the products and services you have been offering, it is natural to turn out and get defensive explaining why the complaint given by a person is legitimate – and this in turn would actually lead to nowhere. So instead of criticising the complaints that you get embrace it as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with all your customers, if you are efficiently handling the problems of your clients and customers.

Given below are 4 major reasons as to why you need to make it easy for your customers to complain when it comes to contact centre services. Though the following steps might seem to be complicated but they are yet effective in every situation and would help you in dealing with the complaints of all your clients and customers, turning the unhappy customers into a loyal fan.

Listening to your customers with an open mind: It’s always good when you try and listen to the person about the problem they have been facing when it comes to your products and services. Allow the person to talk freely without causing any interruption and questioning the validity of the problem. So to conclude before saying anything to your clients and customer do listen to what has happened and why are they upset.

How fast you could solve the problem: Speed is the most important thing when it comes to the customer’s service. Having a bit speed would help you in gaining the trust of your market audience ensuring that your business does value them. Speed again would help in handling minor problems before they become bigger and leads to a serious problem to you and your organization.

Understanding the problem of your customers: Once you understand and know where exactly the complaint is coming from, then say it back in your own words so that the customer understands and knows you have understood what their problem exactly is. If there is a mistake he or she might correct you with a few points keeping her position back unless and until they get the feel that you have got their problem right.

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Ensuring them that their problem would be resolved immediately: Without putting the blame on any one or on the part of your company try and show your customers with some sincere empathy as it helps in neutralizing the anger your customers have towards you. In some cases you could also send them some gift as a token of thanks that would help you improving your business.

To conclude there is no other way that you could get away from your customers. And by following these steps and understanding what the exact issue is you could turn your customer’s challenges into something constructive.

About The Author
Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the contact centre and Business process outsourcing services helping thousands of business organizations achieve the best experiences. Business Process Outsourcing delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.