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Distance MBA – A Saviour for Growing Economies

Advance learning technology and increased connectivity has brought distance learning at par with its full-time equivalents. There are different online platforms to study from home or the work desk. Distance MBA is an advanced option that opens up new areas for Continue reading Distance MBA – A Saviour for Growing Economies

Missed Your College Lectures : Try Recording It Next Time

In this competitive world, we cannot afford to miss our school or college because every day, every subject teacher teaches a new topic. If you miss your school or college for one day, you shall miss 6-7 different important topics in around 5 different subjects. Even your best of your friends or tuition teachers would fail to make you understand them well in a day. I used to refer my friends notes earlier, but this was not satisfactory.

College Lectures

Today schools have evolved and new technology has taken over. Lecturers and Professors record their lectures for effective reference for students. They share it with absentees and weak students for their better understanding and hence overall improvement. How very convenient!
But not all of us can afford to go to such a school. However, it is not that expensive either. Sometimes you get ill or meet with a fracture and hence you need to miss school or college for few days.
“Where there is a will, there’s a way”
Lets us discuss some simple steps, which you can easily follow to record a live lecture in your school or college:
Think about the points whether recording will help you or not:

1. Sometimes the subjects are too complex and need a better understanding. In this situation, you can refer the lecture twice or thrice and hence, you can develop a clear understanding about the topic.

2. Sometimes you are not so confident that your friend will guide you well through the missing lectures and hence, you wish to record that missing lecture.

3. Some professors are too fast in teaching. They cover 3-4 topics in one class without thinking whether students are following it or not. There you wish to have a recording for later reference.

Take consent with the professor. There are 2 points, which make some professors negative towards recording lectures:

1. The student would be paying more attention towards recording procedures rather than studying the topics which professor is teaching.
2. Other students will be distracted by the same.
3. Students generally share the videos on YouTube or other such media. Some naughty students comment senseless stuff on the video, which annoys the faculty and other staff. So, it is very important to take your teacher’s permission.

Choose and buy from any one of the recording solutions for class lectures. Consider many factors like recording capacity and device size before buying a new recorder:

1. If you are wishing to only record the audio, then choose best voice recorder lectures, which rejects the background noise and only captures the main lecturer’s voice effectively.
2. Focus on the memory of the recorder. The device should be capable enough to store an entire lecture or a long speech. If not, please be prepared with extra tapes or CDs.
3. Buy one of the best technologies in the market. Some even have USB ports to directly connect with laptops. They are more preferable.
4. Buy one, which is easy to hold and carry along.
Hope this article would be helpful for your next missing lecture!

How to Edit Videos with Mobile Phones in Mind

When you want to edit videos for mobile phones – there are quite a few areas you need to take into account. In particular however, you should be aware that the screen size of mobile phones will mean that some of the smaller elements in your videos may not be that apparent. Also, mobile phones tend to have limited storage space – so file size is another issue.

Movavi Video Editor

Before you can start editing videos for a mobile phone however, you’ll need the right software. On that front you should give Movavi Video Editor a try as it has all the features you’ll need in a movie editor and will make it easy to edit your videos according to your needs.

Between the features in Movavi Video Editor, you will find tools that cover a wide range of functions – such as:

  • Cutting videos into segments to remove unwanted parts or extract certain segments to save as individual video clips or use in other videos.
  • Combining video segments and clips in a specific sequence to create a final video.
  • Adding text and tweaking its appearance to create unique captions, watermarks, or subtitles.
  • Enhancing the quality of your videos either automatically or manually, and fixing common issues such as blurry, interlaced or shaky video segments.
  • Applying various types of special effects and filters to alter the visual style of the video.
  • Including additional audio tracks for background music or voiceovers and regulating the sound levels.
  • Cropping and rotating the video or transforming its frame in other ways.
  • Saving videos in various formats or automatically optimizing them for specific devices with the presets that are available.

Based on these features alone you should already have a couple ideas of how you could tweak your videos using Movavi Video Editor. Keep in mind that the main idea is to make sure that they look good on the smaller screen of mobile phones, while also keeping the file size to a minimum.

While the former will be mostly done on a case-by-case basis, the Movavi Video Editor comes with a couple of interesting ways you could minimize the file size. Optimizing the video for mobile devices with the presets included is one of them, but so too is perhaps extracting the parts of the video that you find important and saving them as shorter clips instead. Give it a try for yourself – and see what you can do to make your videos better suited to your mobile phone.

Online MBA In Finance or Marketing: What To Choose?

In today’s competitive job market, it’s difficult to land a job if you don’t have a special skill or an impressive academic record. To be a cut above the rest, you can get a postgraduate degree and add another star to your resume. When it comes to higher education, it has often been noticed that MBA graduates have better job prospects in terms of salary and job roles.

If you’ve been thinking of pursuing a postgraduate degree, MBA can just be the course you’re looking for. If you can’t afford a regular MBA degree, because of various personal or professional reasons, you can enroll for an online MBA. You can choose a specialisation when you’re applying for an online MBA course. In the case of a specialised MBA finance and marketing are two of the most popular subjects chosen by students and working professionals. Let’s find out why.

Online MBA In Finance

MBA In Finance

An online MBA in finance will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the financial world. You’ll learn how to analyse local and global financial markets and create smart investment portfolios. Some of the subjects covered under this program are financial accounting, international business and finance, marketing, economics, and budget and data analysis.
An online MBA in finance can open up the following career opportunities for you.

  • Investment banker
  • Stock broker
  • Chief financial officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Insurance adjuster

MBA In Marketing

Pursuing marketing MBA online will help you understand marketing strategies like PR, advertising, promotional campaigns, and surveys. You’ll be introduced to subjects like strategic planning, international sales and marketing, market research, economics, current business trends, consumer behaviour, and financial analysis.
You can also choose various electives like international marketing, product management, and marketing management to better understand the subject.

As an online MBA marketing grad, you’ll be able to take up the following job roles:

  • Senior marketing analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Advertising executive
  • Business development director
  • Market researcher
  • Product manager

Whether you choose finance or marketing, both these courses will give you an insight into how businesses are managed and promoted. Depending on your area of interest, you can choose between these two specialised subjects. Choosing a specialisation will help you define your career path and prepare you for the right job roles.

5 golden lessons to survive the struggles of blogging

Every blogger must have felt like giving up and shutting down his blog for good at least once in his blogging career. Failure is as much a part of our lives as success. If you feel that your blog is going unnoticed by the audience or is not earning you the expected profits maybe you need to introspect a bit. You will realise where you have gone wrong if you just pay attention. As a newbie, blogging is a novel experience, something that is exciting and arouses his curiosity. He wants to explore all the possibilities and make optimum use of this platform to earn money. But it comes with a lot of hard work and patience. You cannot become a millionaire overnight! Or have a huge reader base with just one post.

struggles of blogging

The budding blogger learns this harsh truth by a series of trails and errors. But these mistakes contribute to his success. Mentioned below are five such tips for blogging survival-

1. Experiment

There is no rule book to blogging; every blogger has to learn it the hard way. Making mistakes and learning from them. Experiment yourself to see what is working and what is not. It is a learning experience that teaches you a lot of lessons through a series of trials and errors. Every blogger, no matter how successful or established they are have to go through a period of failure. With experience you’ll learn all the tricks and methods of blogging. Get inspiration but don’t lose your uniqueness in order to copy others. Your originality is your biggest advantage.

2. Failure is a stepping stone

Don’t lose hope if you don’t have an impressive audience or are not earning enough money. Rather introspect and try finding out what the problem is. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn by just paying some attention to the details. Don’t be discouraged if you’re blog isn’t a success. Use this as a stepping stone for climbing up to success. Learn from your errors and try to rectify them. It should motivate you to perform better.

3. There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to success. It may give you some temporary profits but will lead to your downfall in the long run. Invest time, money and effort if you want to be a successful blogger. And your hard work definitely pays! Moreover you value the success more if you earn it with labour. An acknowledgement and appreciation of your efforts is very rewarding indeed! Learning it the hard way encourages you to maintain the success as you know how much it cost you.

4. Don’t quit

The worst thing that a blogger can do is to give up, and shut down his blog for good. By quitting, you are ending a whole lot of possibilities and opportunities in the future. Time and situations change. Quitting just because you are failing at attracting a reader base or earning money is the biggest mistake you can possibly make. You never know what the future would bring for you and by closing your blog you might just be shutting the door to a bright blogging career!

5. Patience pays

Instead of being frustrated and quitting, it is much more logical if you wait and try to rectify your errors. Impatience has never done anyone any good. Perseverance and patience always pays off for those who are willing to wait be positive through the tough times. Understand that success is not something that you’ll achieve immediately. Good things take time.

Some essential tips that can help in increasing your JEE score

The technical world is advancing at such a pace that everywhere the need of engineering students have increased by nearly 25%. This growing need has also opened up job prospects for the budding engineers who are regarded as the constructors of a better world class infrastructure. Not only do students dream of gaining success in the field but also parents work hard to get their child enrolled in the topmost engineering college of the country. To enjoy the fruit; it is essential make sure that the seed is sown in a proper manner. Only then the tree will grow and you will get the fruit.

Right after the secondary schooling

A student willing to take up engineering as his career must pull up his socks and start with the preparation for a promising career right after completing with the class 10th board. In their high school, students are usually offered with three stream options: Arts, Commerce and Science. For those looking out to become a successful engineer; it is a must to take up science which will include three main subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Just being a good student at school is not what shall get you the highest marks in your JEE entrance examination which a student has to appear for getting admission in any of the reputed engineering colleges of the nation. For better performance in JEE; students can opt for IIT JEE coaching as well.

JEE score

Making way to JEE

For students looking out for an engineering career; appearing and cracking the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is a must without which no one can get enrolled with any of the engineering colleges in the country. Until 2012; there was only one JEE examination that was held for getting enrolled in both IITs and NITs of the country. CBSE decided to change the whole process of JEE examination in 2012. For taking help to get admission in any of the IITs, one can join an IIT coaching soon after his/her class 10th boards which will help them to understand the module of the current JEE examination.

Changes implemented by CBSE

In the year 2012; CBSE implemented a new regulation and divided the JEE examination into two: JEE Main rank predictor and JEE Advanced. Those qualifying the mains shall get a chance to get themselves enrolled with any of the NITs and IIST; while only those qualifying JEE mains shall get a chance to appear for the JEE advanced which permits one to join any of the IITs and ISM.

Understanding the new JEE pattern

Appearing for the JEE examination should not be the only goal of a student looking out for an engineering career. Whether or not you will get chance for taking up admission in any IITs or NITs depends on you JEE score and competency. First you need to understand the examination patterns which are as follows:

JEE main exam comprises of 2 papers; Paper 1 and 2. A candidate can appear for both or any one depending on their wish. While paper 1 is based on admission for BE or Btech; paper 2 is for admission in B.Arch and Bplanning. Qualifying this examination gets you admission in any of the NITs or other government engineering colleges
Only those qualifying JEE mains get a chance to appear for JEE advanced which is essential for getting enrolled in any of the IITs. In the recent days; a number of coaching centers offering classes for IIT and JEE are found dwelling. It depends on your expertise to join one such best IIT coaching in India to give true colors to your dream

Smart way for improving your JEE score board

Only aiming to become an engineer and planning to give JEE is not what shall get you enrolled in a top engineering college. It is the JEE marks upon which your engineering career is dwelling. So how can you boost it up and increase the marks? Talking about this it is important to start practicing for the JEE mains right from your high school. There are ample numbers of suggestions and question banks available in the market that provides you will some of the vital question for the year’s JEE. It is always recommended to appear for both the papers. Finding the best coaching for IIT and JEE can get you the requisite suggestions and practice papers that can help you to raise your score board.

Take up solving question banks

Students willing to take up Btech must pay special attention on paper 1 while those willing to become an architecture must look after the JEE main paper 2 drawing questions with solutions for increasing the level at their score board. Solving these question banks gives you confidence to do better in the examination.

Find yourself a motivating mentor

Find a mentor for yourself who can best motivate you. You can only reach success and get the will to achieve it only when there is someone always behind for boosting up your motivation level. Also take a note that you don’t spend your entire day studying. Make a proper routine and divide the time in such a way that you get some time for self-relaxation as well. Adhering to sports and exercises can be the best to keep your mind free and relaxed boosting up your performance.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : Rumors, News, Release Date and Location Maps

Recent updates from Forbes show us that all previous micro-purchases in GTA online have incurred a whopping $150 million in international revenues. So as long as GTA bears this kind of success it is highly unlikely that Rockstar Entertainment rushes further releases. Although many pessimists view the previous GTA Online’s successes as a serious challenge for the successors, most of the analysts believe that this will not dampen the spirits of the writers, designers and publishers as long as GTA 6 is concerned.

Grand Theft Auto 6

So how long do we have to wait?

The first version was released in 1997 and the most recent one saw the light of day in 2013. A safe analysis of the release time and the lapses in between makes 2018 quite a safe bet. Although no confirmed word has been received from Rockstar Entertainment, most analysts are gunning on 2018 as the release year of GTA 6.

The latest version was released for all consoles and we see no reason why Rockstar will narrow the horizons with GTA 6. All players on Xboxes, PlayStations and PCs should be excited for the release of GTA 6. After all the latest snippets from the game show HD clips from new locations with enhanced graphics.

Will we see a female main lead?

As Leslie Benzies stated immediately after the release of GTA v, “This time we did not think much about a female character. But once we start working on the characters of GTA 6 the inclusion of a strong female character is a definite possibility.” This is definitely good news for all the pro-feminist gamers of our century who would love to see a sliver of reality in their daily gamine regime as well. GTA 6 is gradually broaching a staggering reality which is setting extremely high standards for other contemporary games.

Will we get to play in London?

Dan Houser states, “London is definitely a possibility but due to certain limitations GTA 6 might not feature a London set up.” Although this is disappointing for all GTA patrons who were gunning for the capital of England as their virtual racing city, but they can always read these as words of hope. After all GTA is known to include fan suggestions in their character and location building processes. Hence we will definitely not be surprised if Rockstar soon develops another version of the game in London roads.

What if we race across the USA?

That may sound like quite a farfetched idea, but in reality it is not impossible. Certain limitations due to cross-console compatibility may restrict the development of a cross-country map where players can toggle from one city to another during a gaming session. But multiple cities can definitely be included as a part of the GTA 6 game locations.
After the idea of GTA: Tokyo was ditched it became obvious that the developers were trying for a local location with all the elements necessary to build suspense, give ample roads to drive (sometimes like maniacs) and have a lot of fun. Hence Las Vegas becomes an obvious choice for the game developers. So the Grand Theft Auto 6 maybe the Las Vegas or Sin City version all of us have been waiting for.

Master the Art of Home Automation with These 5 tips

We know that home automation is one of the best technologies that is shaping up and improving our lives on a daily basis. To ensure that you implement it correctly, you first need to have a good idea of what home automation actually is. Someone who is looking for automating his home for the first time will need some tips and we have researched well enough to provide you with 5 tips which will help you to master the art of home automation. Have a look at these insightful tips on how you can create a perfect home automation solution.

Get a definitive buying guide for the perfect home automation solution

Before you start the process of automating your home, you need to have a good and definitive buying guide with you. This will ensure that you don’t end up spending too much on your home automation solutions. You need to have a good balance between pricing and affordability so that the complete automation solution has great products and you sum up everything within your decided budget. There is no point in wasting too much money on basic home automation products. So you must properly research with a good buying guide for your home automation.

Make a selection of which products you want to automate

You definitely can’t make all the devices in your home automatic. It would be too costly and inefficient to have all the products automated. The best thing you can do is to make a selection of the products you use the most. This will ensure that home automation will make your life convenient by automating only the products which need to be automated. There are a range of products available in the market that can be automated but you need to be selective and choose only those which you need the most.

home automation solution

Plan everything before you implement it in your home

It is not frequent that we implement a home automation solution. Thus, before actually implementing everything you need to plan out things. Make a list of which products you want to automate, the people who will be implementing everything need to know about how you want everything to be. This will bring more clarity of how you want the end result to be and will also let the people know what they need to work on. So, you need to have a good plan in place before moving things ahead for the implementation of home automation.

Know the technology behind home automation

This is very obvious in mastering the art of home automation. If you don’t know how the complete process of home automation works, you can’t master it. It is always good to know what you are getting your hands into. Although the technology has been tried and proven to be great, if you know in depth about it, it will help you in a better way. You will be able to make a better judgment on which products to put up where and how will the whole thing work.

Get everything in perfect synchronization

Getting everything to work perfectly in sync is the key for home automation. The main aim of automating your home is to make your life easier and your daily tasks more convenient. If everything works in sync, only then will the purpose of automating your home be achieved. The technology only works correctly when all the devices work together to make your tasks effortless. If it is not implemented properly, it can make your life more difficult than easy. So, make sure that every product is installed in a way that makes them more efficient as well as convenient to use.

Final Say

Home Automation is rightly mentioned as an art because there are several things that are involved in making them perfect. So with these tips, we feel that you can truly master the art of home automation and implement it in your homes in the best way possible.

How to Start a Traveling Blog

If you love traveling, but are worried about the money involved, then you should think about blogging about your experiences in the form of a blog and make money from that.

By publishing traveling experiences in the form a blog, Mathew Pete traveled the world in about 5 years, without doing any part time jobs. Yes, his blog paid for his trip and continues to pay for his expenses. He is free from doing a job and can plan a vacation at any time of the year.

For More : How To Start A Cooking Blog?

I got in touch with Matt to learn the tricks that he used to make his traveling blog so successful that it is providing him with a full time income.

start a travel blog

Here are some of the things that he’d like to share:-

Note: In this post, I will not be covering the technical part of how to start a blog. I am assuming that you are familiar with domain names, web hosting and WordPress. If you are not, then please first learn how to start a simple blog, and then come read this post to run that blog into a travel blog.

Let’s get started!

Outreach before leave for your first trip

Choose an exotic destination as your first trip and then find out a way to cut down the costs and still have a great time.

Find out some of the travel spots where people spend a lot of money. These are some of places that people want to go, but stats say that these places are very expensive to visit.

If you can create a traveling blog that revolves around cutting costs in your budget without cutting fun, you are going to get a lot of attention from other travel bloggers.

So, come up with such a travel location and create a budget. Find out how much you are saving and then send out a proposal to prominent bloggers and websites in the travel niche. The proposal should contain information about you, and how you are going to vacation on a tight budget.

Ask the bloggers to tweet your blog link or twitter and Instagram links to their followers.

Be socially active throughout your journey

While you are traveling, be active on social media. Tweet regularly and post pictures of Instagram, and ask them to subscribe to you. This way, before having a blog, you will gather an audience, which is most critical.

Don’t forget to photograph all the fun stuff and share it on Instagram and Twitter.

Come home and outreach travel bloggers for interview

Come home and set up your blog, fill it with you bio and pictures from your latest travel.

Now, this is step is very important. Outreach to bloggers and tell them about your journey, and ask them if they would like you for an interview. Ask, hundreds of bloggers and gather opportunities of reach out to audiences.

This is the best strategy to jump start a travel blog.

A Review of Coalition Technologies Services

Whether you’re a seasoned company or just carving out a niche, it’s important to get onboard with the right digital platform. Websites have come a long way in recent years, and if you don’t have a handle on all the layers of online marketing it can be a challenge to get your company’s voice heard. Coalition Technologies, a marketing and SEO company, provides services that can help you get your digital foot in the door.

Coalition Technologies Services

SEO & Marketing

If your business has a website already in place, Coalition Technologies can take the existing structure to the next step with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how great the design of your website is if it gets buried under other websites in search engine results. Unless a customer is specifically searching for your brand’s name, having your website rank anywhere other than the top two or three results renders your efforts a waste of time. Utilizing SEO strategies, Coalition Technologies can boost your site’s ranking and build links within your niche community by using powerful keywords that grab the attention of search engines and consumers.

A customer of Coalition Technologies had this to say about their search engine optimization techniques:

“The designers were extremely helpful and nice and helped guide me through the whole process of designing my new website. Once the site was finished, their SEO worker did a quick job of pushing my site to the top of search results.” — Night T.

Web Design

Businesses can no longer rely upon billboards and print ads to get their message out. As people spend more time online, it is critical for companies to have an online presence to stay afloat. Gone are the days when companies relied on a single designer to put together a website in a day’s time. For a truly effective web presence, your company needs a multifaceted campaign combining traditional websites, mobile apps, social media, and more. Coalition Technologies can help you through the entire process of projecting your digital presence across multiple platforms. They use multiple designers and SEO technicians to ensure your website is easy to access, constantly updated, and pleasant to navigate.

“I am very satisfied with the quality of work of Coalition Technologies and will be using their services again. I have primarily used their web design services, and they deliver a solid product at a great price. Really a good deal considering the high prices out there.”  — Jeremy N.

Coalition Technologies


Getting your website to the top of search engine rankings encompasses more than just crafting a great website. To generate traffic with current search engine algorithms, you need to invest in an Adword campaign. The PPC (Pay Per Click) experts at Coalition Technologies can drive traffic to your site. As a certified partner of Google Adwords, Coalition Technologies can manage your website’s SEO ranking to maximize the effect of traffic flowing through your site. Knowing how to bid on the keywords in Adwords can be tricky, but with the assistance of Coalition Technologies, you’ll have an extra edge to make your ad profitable.

“I have referred many of my clients to Joel at Coalition Technologies…. I appreciate that Coalition Technologies can handle more sophisticated projects like Adwords management, app creation, and custom web design which are essential these days.” — Nick Fitzer, Sales Executive


Designing an online marketing campaign is about more than simply creating a website— it’s about creating a digital brand for your company. Branding engages loyal customers by building instant recognition and reputation no matter what industry your company is in. The team at Coalition Technologies has staff with expertise in disciplines beyond the basics of website mechanics, including graphic designers, copywriters, and many others, who can seamlessly blend all aspects of your company into a unified brand. The team working on your brand creates memorable advertising to support your presence both online and in physical locations.

“Coalition has exceeded our expectations…They understand our company and brand image.
They respond quickly, often instantly, to our needs. They take pride in their work and will see a job through, even when we get picky. Our website has been greatly enhanced in its ease of use and aesthetic appeal.” — Bryan B., Social Media Manager / Mirabella Beauty

Author Bio:
Rohit Bhargava has been actively involved in SEO and Online Marketing industry for over 5 years from website audit, link building, social media and search engine optimization. He is passionate for his work and finds innovative ways of providing excellent results for his clients. When he is not in front of his computer, he enjoys reading, writing, and spending his time with his family.