Some essential tips that can help in increasing your JEE score

The technical world is advancing at such a pace that everywhere the need of engineering students have increased by nearly 25%. This growing need has also opened up job prospects for the budding engineers who are regarded as the constructors of a better world class infrastructure. Not only do students dream of gaining success in the field but also parents work hard to get their child enrolled in the topmost engineering college of the country. To enjoy the fruit; it is essential make sure that the seed is sown in a proper manner. Only then the tree will grow and you will get the fruit. Continue reading Some essential tips that can help in increasing your JEE score

Grand Theft Auto 6 : Rumors, News, Release Date and Location Maps

Recent updates from Forbes show us that all previous micro-purchases in GTA online have incurred a whopping $150 million in international revenues. So as long as GTA bears this kind of success it is highly unlikely that Rockstar Entertainment rushes further releases. Although many pessimists view the previous GTA Online’s successes as a serious challenge for the successors, most of the analysts believe that this will not dampen the spirits of the writers, designers and publishers as long as GTA 6 is concerned.

Grand Theft Auto 6

So how long do we have to wait?

The first version was released in 1997 and the most recent one saw the light of day in 2013. A safe analysis of the release time and the lapses in between makes 2018 quite a safe bet. Although no confirmed word has been received from Rockstar Entertainment, most analysts are gunning on 2018 as the release year of GTA 6.

The latest version was released for all consoles and we see no reason why Rockstar will narrow the horizons with GTA 6. All players on Xboxes, PlayStations and PCs should be excited for the release of GTA 6. After all the latest snippets from the game show HD clips from new locations with enhanced graphics.

Will we see a female main lead?

As Leslie Benzies stated immediately after the release of GTA v, “This time we did not think much about a female character. But once we start working on the characters of GTA 6 the inclusion of a strong female character is a definite possibility.” This is definitely good news for all the pro-feminist gamers of our century who would love to see a sliver of reality in their daily gamine regime as well. GTA 6 is gradually broaching a staggering reality which is setting extremely high standards for other contemporary games.

Will we get to play in London?

Dan Houser states, “London is definitely a possibility but due to certain limitations GTA 6 might not feature a London set up.” Although this is disappointing for all GTA patrons who were gunning for the capital of England as their virtual racing city, but they can always read these as words of hope. After all GTA is known to include fan suggestions in their character and location building processes. Hence we will definitely not be surprised if Rockstar soon develops another version of the game in London roads.

What if we race across the USA?

That may sound like quite a farfetched idea, but in reality it is not impossible. Certain limitations due to cross-console compatibility may restrict the development of a cross-country map where players can toggle from one city to another during a gaming session. But multiple cities can definitely be included as a part of the GTA 6 game locations.
After the idea of GTA: Tokyo was ditched it became obvious that the developers were trying for a local location with all the elements necessary to build suspense, give ample roads to drive (sometimes like maniacs) and have a lot of fun. Hence Las Vegas becomes an obvious choice for the game developers. So the Grand Theft Auto 6 maybe the Las Vegas or Sin City version all of us have been waiting for.

Master the Art of Home Automation with These 5 tips

We know that home automation is one of the best technologies that is shaping up and improving our lives on a daily basis. To ensure that you implement it correctly, you first need to have a good idea of what home automation actually is. Someone who is looking for automating his home for the first time will need some tips and we have researched well enough to provide you with 5 tips which will help you to master the art of home automation. Have a look at these insightful tips on how you can create a perfect home automation solution.

Get a definitive buying guide for the perfect home automation solution

Before you start the process of automating your home, you need to have a good and definitive buying guide with you. This will ensure that you don’t end up spending too much on your home automation solutions. You need to have a good balance between pricing and affordability so that the complete automation solution has great products and you sum up everything within your decided budget. There is no point in wasting too much money on basic home automation products. So you must properly research with a good buying guide for your home automation.

Make a selection of which products you want to automate

You definitely can’t make all the devices in your home automatic. It would be too costly and inefficient to have all the products automated. The best thing you can do is to make a selection of the products you use the most. This will ensure that home automation will make your life convenient by automating only the products which need to be automated. There are a range of products available in the market that can be automated but you need to be selective and choose only those which you need the most.

home automation solution

Plan everything before you implement it in your home

It is not frequent that we implement a home automation solution. Thus, before actually implementing everything you need to plan out things. Make a list of which products you want to automate, the people who will be implementing everything need to know about how you want everything to be. This will bring more clarity of how you want the end result to be and will also let the people know what they need to work on. So, you need to have a good plan in place before moving things ahead for the implementation of home automation.

Know the technology behind home automation

This is very obvious in mastering the art of home automation. If you don’t know how the complete process of home automation works, you can’t master it. It is always good to know what you are getting your hands into. Although the technology has been tried and proven to be great, if you know in depth about it, it will help you in a better way. You will be able to make a better judgment on which products to put up where and how will the whole thing work.

Get everything in perfect synchronization

Getting everything to work perfectly in sync is the key for home automation. The main aim of automating your home is to make your life easier and your daily tasks more convenient. If everything works in sync, only then will the purpose of automating your home be achieved. The technology only works correctly when all the devices work together to make your tasks effortless. If it is not implemented properly, it can make your life more difficult than easy. So, make sure that every product is installed in a way that makes them more efficient as well as convenient to use.

Final Say

Home Automation is rightly mentioned as an art because there are several things that are involved in making them perfect. So with these tips, we feel that you can truly master the art of home automation and implement it in your homes in the best way possible.

How to Start a Traveling Blog

If you love traveling, but are worried about the money involved, then you should think about blogging about your experiences in the form of a blog and make money from that.

By publishing traveling experiences in the form a blog, Mathew Pete traveled the world in about 5 years, without doing any part time jobs. Yes, his blog paid for his trip and continues to pay for his expenses. He is free from doing a job and can plan a vacation at any time of the year.

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I got in touch with Matt to learn the tricks that he used to make his traveling blog so successful that it is providing him with a full time income.

start a travel blog

Here are some of the things that he’d like to share:-

Note: In this post, I will not be covering the technical part of how to start a blog. I am assuming that you are familiar with domain names, web hosting and WordPress. If you are not, then please first learn how to start a simple blog, and then come read this post to run that blog into a travel blog.

Let’s get started!

Outreach before leave for your first trip

Choose an exotic destination as your first trip and then find out a way to cut down the costs and still have a great time.

Find out some of the travel spots where people spend a lot of money. These are some of places that people want to go, but stats say that these places are very expensive to visit.

If you can create a traveling blog that revolves around cutting costs in your budget without cutting fun, you are going to get a lot of attention from other travel bloggers.

So, come up with such a travel location and create a budget. Find out how much you are saving and then send out a proposal to prominent bloggers and websites in the travel niche. The proposal should contain information about you, and how you are going to vacation on a tight budget.

Ask the bloggers to tweet your blog link or twitter and Instagram links to their followers.

Be socially active throughout your journey

While you are traveling, be active on social media. Tweet regularly and post pictures of Instagram, and ask them to subscribe to you. This way, before having a blog, you will gather an audience, which is most critical.

Don’t forget to photograph all the fun stuff and share it on Instagram and Twitter.

Come home and outreach travel bloggers for interview

Come home and set up your blog, fill it with you bio and pictures from your latest travel.

Now, this is step is very important. Outreach to bloggers and tell them about your journey, and ask them if they would like you for an interview. Ask, hundreds of bloggers and gather opportunities of reach out to audiences.

This is the best strategy to jump start a travel blog.

A Review of Coalition Technologies Services

Whether you’re a seasoned company or just carving out a niche, it’s important to get onboard with the right digital platform. Websites have come a long way in recent years, and if you don’t have a handle on all the layers of online marketing it can be a challenge to get your company’s voice heard. Coalition Technologies, a marketing and SEO company, provides services that can help you get your digital foot in the door.

Coalition Technologies Services

SEO & Marketing

If your business has a website already in place, Coalition Technologies can take the existing structure to the next step with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how great the design of your website is if it gets buried under other websites in search engine results. Unless a customer is specifically searching for your brand’s name, having your website rank anywhere other than the top two or three results renders your efforts a waste of time. Utilizing SEO strategies, Coalition Technologies can boost your site’s ranking and build links within your niche community by using powerful keywords that grab the attention of search engines and consumers.

A customer of Coalition Technologies had this to say about their search engine optimization techniques:

“The designers were extremely helpful and nice and helped guide me through the whole process of designing my new website. Once the site was finished, their SEO worker did a quick job of pushing my site to the top of search results.” — Night T.

Web Design

Businesses can no longer rely upon billboards and print ads to get their message out. As people spend more time online, it is critical for companies to have an online presence to stay afloat. Gone are the days when companies relied on a single designer to put together a website in a day’s time. For a truly effective web presence, your company needs a multifaceted campaign combining traditional websites, mobile apps, social media, and more. Coalition Technologies can help you through the entire process of projecting your digital presence across multiple platforms. They use multiple designers and SEO technicians to ensure your website is easy to access, constantly updated, and pleasant to navigate.

“I am very satisfied with the quality of work of Coalition Technologies and will be using their services again. I have primarily used their web design services, and they deliver a solid product at a great price. Really a good deal considering the high prices out there.”  — Jeremy N.

Coalition Technologies


Getting your website to the top of search engine rankings encompasses more than just crafting a great website. To generate traffic with current search engine algorithms, you need to invest in an Adword campaign. The PPC (Pay Per Click) experts at Coalition Technologies can drive traffic to your site. As a certified partner of Google Adwords, Coalition Technologies can manage your website’s SEO ranking to maximize the effect of traffic flowing through your site. Knowing how to bid on the keywords in Adwords can be tricky, but with the assistance of Coalition Technologies, you’ll have an extra edge to make your ad profitable.

“I have referred many of my clients to Joel at Coalition Technologies…. I appreciate that Coalition Technologies can handle more sophisticated projects like Adwords management, app creation, and custom web design which are essential these days.” — Nick Fitzer, Sales Executive


Designing an online marketing campaign is about more than simply creating a website— it’s about creating a digital brand for your company. Branding engages loyal customers by building instant recognition and reputation no matter what industry your company is in. The team at Coalition Technologies has staff with expertise in disciplines beyond the basics of website mechanics, including graphic designers, copywriters, and many others, who can seamlessly blend all aspects of your company into a unified brand. The team working on your brand creates memorable advertising to support your presence both online and in physical locations.

“Coalition has exceeded our expectations…They understand our company and brand image.
They respond quickly, often instantly, to our needs. They take pride in their work and will see a job through, even when we get picky. Our website has been greatly enhanced in its ease of use and aesthetic appeal.” — Bryan B., Social Media Manager / Mirabella Beauty

Author Bio:
Rohit Bhargava has been actively involved in SEO and Online Marketing industry for over 5 years from website audit, link building, social media and search engine optimization. He is passionate for his work and finds innovative ways of providing excellent results for his clients. When he is not in front of his computer, he enjoys reading, writing, and spending his time with his family.

Things You Need To Plan a Weekend Trip

Going for a planned vacation is nice. But an impromptu weekend trip surely beats all other vacations hands down. Imagine sitting at your work desk, behind a pile of paperwork one day, fiddling with your laptop and being on top of a snowcapped mountain the next. The feeling is simply too liberating.

Need To Plan a Weekend Trip

To have a blissful weekend away from home you need to remember a few things. Here are a few pointers to help you plan a successful weekend trip away from the hustle bustle of the city:

  • If this is your first time you should choose a location nearby. And by nearby we mean a location reachable by road within 4 to 6 hours. This makes it extremely easy to get cab bookings right from home even at the last minute.
  • You need to keep your destination flexible. More than once people are deterred by natural calamities, lack of commutable roads and more importantly, the lack of available transport. Keeping your final location flexible gives you a lot of options to choose form at the last minute. This also saves a lot of money, since you do not have to take the hassle of booking and re-booking your hotels and taxi service at the last minute.
  • Do a little research to find the best rates for your outstation taxi cab service. Many websites also allow you to take a virtual tour of hotels you would like to stay in, making it possible for you to explore the possibilities even on a shoestring budget. Extensive research about a place almost always reveals the less explored gems nearby which are less crowded by seasonal tourists making it possible for you to opt for home-stays and cheaper hotel rooms.
  • Most people opt for weekend getaways when they have a 3 day weekend. In case you do not have a 3 day weekend apply for a day’s leave. This will save you a lot of hassle on your way back and you will have sufficient time to sleep off the stress from a long drive. Plus you can always do a lot more in 3 days as compared to just 2!
  • Make sure to keep it simple. Weekend trips are meant for relaxation and you should not try to cramp the 3 days with too much activity. If you want to go to Rishikesh just plan on one or two of the main activities, do not try to fit in all the adventure sports and camping within just 3 days even though your brochure might encourage you to.
  • Go according to your own pace. The journey is as important as spending time at the designated location. So if you want to stop on your way and catch a picture of the rising sun, then do so. Having a weekend trip should not mean carrying a checklist around. A weekend trip should be simple enough to be planned during one afternoon and executed during the next.
  • Packing should be simple and according to the climate of the place you are heading off to. If you carry too many clothes and accessories, repacking during the time of return will take up a lot of valuable time which could otherwise be used for exploring the local sites one last time.

5 Worst Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online

Starting a new business in any sector that you prefer is one opening most people go into. However, there may be disputes that lie ahead even before starting your trade. One main challenge that you will come across is having your business up and administration and maintaining it in process while dealing your trade precisely and decreasing the problem. Finding the right policy can be a helpful way in order to straight away hit your aim with just a distinct blow.
Have a look on some important tips one should consider to avoid Worst Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online:

1. Incorporate first before starting your business

It is important to confirm that your liabilities are insured before doing something. It is much good to include or have a LLC before your business starts up. In this method, you are saving your special assets by setting up a line between your specialized businesses from your special affairs. This is confirming that when the worst case situation is experience, you still need to keep your car, land, house, and similar personal assets.

5 Worst Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online

2. Invite and refer a tax expert

There will constantly be factors or areas in your trade that will seem indistinct to you. It is wise to discuss with a CPA to deal with those concerns. CPA’s can definitely give you with knowledge and explanations about tax suggestions and how a variety of structures can guide you in making sure your assets and save you from needless spending.

3. Understand your market well

It will all the time sensible to master your market. You should find to know and appreciate who will be selecting for your trade. Understand needs of your target audience and directly target them. One method of doing this is to go after a company that you believe is competitive in your locale of business. Write down their unique features as well as merge them with your own individual ideas. If your column of business is cars, reinvent the knowledge of other companies and business owners in the same files as what you are managing.

4. Innovate your production

No matter which is the industry you’re in, don’t stay motionless. Speak with younger teens and be modern with what’s new and approaching. Move and create your term of marketing and move about to the next level. It is better to take help from social networking. Innovate. Never stop even if you attained the top.

5. Ideally manage your finances as well as spending

A number of small businesses create the mistake of spending too quickly with the resources that they have expressive that this can boost their sales and level of profit. It will either be expenses what some people have exhausted in their business, or they apply all that approaches on their doors. This can completely be obliging in the opening stages of growth but can turn into a disaster for long term achievement. You have to confirm to invest your cash more acutely in areas that can be a great prospect to find a higher return.

Top 5 destinations for honeymoon in Thailand

Have you got married just some days before and feel like you need to spend some quality time with your partner? Are you planning for a honeymoon and are in a lookout for the most romantic and the most suitable place for the love and romance? Have you been confused of where to go for your honeymoon and make the time special for your love? Then here is the list of places in Thailand that you can opt for your honeymoon and you will neither forget the place and nor the time you spent with each other.

Top 5 destinations for honeymoon in Thailand


This is one of the most beautiful and romantic places that one can ever see in their lives. The gateways are so romantic and the beaches are so clear and clean that you will fall in love with the place. You don’t have to shell out much for visiting this place and this place is affordable and your partner will love you even more for taking her to this place.

Koh samui:

Another romantic place where you will love your stay and would never want to leave the place ever no matter how many ever days you spend there. There are parties in this island and you can party hard in nights too with your partner here. You can celebrate your love and the wedding here with your partner in a special way throughout the night.


The landscape caves here in this island are to die for. These look like paradise on earth and you would not ask for anything more beautiful than this ever in life. The islands are serene and you can enjoy the loving special time with your partner in these serene and beautiful place. The sunsets in this island are even more beautiful and you can watch the beautiful sunset with your parhner and it would add on to the special lovely memorable time with your partner in this beautiful island in the most beautiful way.

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Chiang mai:

This is situated in the northern part of the Thailand and this place is as beautiful as others. There are small villages in this place and there are mountains too. You can head on to the mountains for a trek with your darling or if she is a nature lover and loves the serene greenery and the beautiful sceneries that are breathtaking.


If your lady love is crazy about shopping and if you wish to give her a special gift as honeymoon then this is the best place that you can ever take her for shopping. There are wide range of products and stuffs available in Bangkok and this is for the shopaholics. The ideal place for the shoppers and also the cruising time that the couples spend in Bangkok are something one should not miss. You can eat at various restaurants and enjoy a candle light dinner with your love here and you can carry numerous bags all the way back home.

Top 5 Beach Resorts in Maldives

If you are planning to go to luxurious destination and to feel the essence of royalty then Maldives will be a paradise in disguise for you. Many of the resorts are actually a whole island which is carved in a perfect manner. You can try visiting Maldives and enjoy the serene beauty and nature of these islands. They are all beautiful and they are like a feast to the eyes. You will enjoy your stay in Beach resorts in Maldives..

Top 5 Beach Resorts in Maldives

Cocoa Island Resort-
It is one of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives; Cocoa Island Resort is having a perfect location, white sandy beaches and breath-taking sunsets. The rooms are designed in a unique manner; it displays some of the finest carpentry works. There are simple wooden walkways built above the shallow lagoon which will provide you peace of mind. The view from the wide king-sized bed is directly opened to the ocean.

Baros Maldives Resort-
There are 75 amazingly crafted wooden villas at the Baros Maldives Resort which are styled in such a manner to provide you the best of comforts and it also offers varieties of facilities. Guests checking-in the hotel will find themselves among various amenities which will be served to them, including a Swedish massage which is on-site in nature, body wraps and tropical fruit facials, waterfall plunge pools, in-house restaurants and bars and scuba diving lessons are among the top most luxuries provided in this hotel.

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa-
The base of the Taj Exotica Resort And Spa’s luxurious villas are suspended above the lagoon where you will find nothing but blue clear, serene ocean waters and beautiful sunsets adding up to your scenic view. The villas are meticulously palm-thatched, and the interiors are displays the presence of style that existed in Maldivian’s time. The villas also serves you with a lot of features such as  sun-decks, and some offer private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and verandas with day beds and private spa rooms.

Four Seasons Resort –
The Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru offers 44 acres of well-preserved nature’s beauty which is at the Baa Atoll, the only UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives. Snorkel with turtles, manta rays and whale sharks which make it Maldives’s largest natural lagoons. Guest accommodation is all in thatched beach villas and over-water villas. Resort facilities comprise of 3 dining options, and sufficiently large pool and a peaceful spa located and this resort in itself is an island.

Soneva Gili Resort-
The Soneva Gili Resort has well designed 45 luxurious rooms, of which many of the villas can be reached by using boats only. Every villa describes the attention given in the making of it. Each villa provides its own sun decks and water gardens. The bathrooms have been made separately providing an open-air walkway. Guests have this luxury to dine on the villa deck under the shades of moon and the glow of the sunset.

What is PF and How it Will Help in Future?

PF is the abbreviation of Provident Fund which is paid by the employees of particular company or organization. Every organization from private to government collects provident funds. The PF amount is decided on the basis of the salary you get with the company’s standard level. The PF amount is received once the individual is retired. You can also receive PF when the person leaves the particular company, the PF amount is calculated on the basis of his working days. Pf helps you in the time of retirement; make sure you collect your PF while you leave the organization which is small amount of your monthly salary.

If you are working in Government Company then you are the one who is most benefited with PF. This is because after you retire you will receive large amounts of PF as your salary is more than private companies. We are also given the option of taking loan from our provident funds. The tax free interest and maturity ensures us with handsome amount of money leading to savings in the future after retirement.

future retirement plans

Though PF benefits us in our future retirement plans but there are several other factors which benefit us in future with PF:

  • Pension Benefits: The pension on retirement is based with the number of years of service given in the company and the average salary before retirement. Pension helps you to survive our future without any income coming through PF and enjoy the later years peacefully.
  • Insurance benefits: Most of us are not aware of the fact that small life insurance is covered under PF which helps when the employer doesn’t provide the company with group health insurance policy. Avail this PF to benefit your family in future.
  • Require funds in special occasions or have emergency, EPF gives the option to withdraw from the company with a limit and under special conditions.
  • In case you need funds for marriage or education you can withdraw 50% of PF from your contribution. This benefit gives you to withdraw the PF amount for 3 times in a year.
  • PF also benefits you with buying a new house, repairing and construction and also for repayment of the house loan. For house loan and repayment you can avail 36 months of wages from PF balance in you have completed 10years in the company. And for repairing and construction work you can avail 12 month of PF amount.
  • PF gives major benefits for surgical operation in hospital or any major disease. You can withdraw 6 times of you salary from Pf contribution till date.
  • Other benefits like buying equipments for physically handicapped person can also help you with the PF amount.

You are provided with the facility to nominate your house members who will receive the funds in your absence and thus you family must be aware of it. Provident Fund tool though gives us lot of benefits for our future; the important aspect to remember is that it is retirement tool and only should be used when PF is the last option to consider.