What to expect from LG G5

LG has always try to put in some extra effort to get a respectable place in the market. It will be unfair to say that it hasn’t any reputation as of now. LG G4 that was released almost five months ago was a great success and the launch of LG G5 is nearing by. So, if you are anxious about what is there in LG G5 then some of your quarries will be answered.



LG G5 is reportedly scheduled to be launched in 2016. However, there is no official confirmation on the same. Rumors have suggested that LG G5 is all but ready and going through final phase of testing before production.


Many new features are to be added in LG and G5 is expected to be phone of extreme good features. The rumors are suggesting that the phone will come with Fingerprint Scanner. LG has always shown the intent to make some technical advancement in recent times and if rumors are to believed, LG is trying to launch Iris Scanner as well. However, there has been no confirmation at all. The other major thing that LG may bring on to G5 is the all metal body. LG is trying hard to make an impact and the all metal would be ideal for G5. The phone is expected to have the display size of 5.5 inches. The QHD screen should be another boost for LG G5. The 4K resolution could be the game changer for LG G5. However, there are reports that suggest that LG is working toward edges to give the phone smoother and sleeker look. There is no confirmation on how it will be implemented. The another thing that LG would love to improve with G5 is battery life. LG is trying to improve the performance and introduce the 4K screen with high battery back up. Poor battery leads to lower performance and hassle. However, resources bave mentioned that LG is planning for good battery for G5. Apart from it, there are few more changes expected from LG G5. The design of the screen is rumored to be compact. The camera performance is something that can be bettered. On the other hand, there will be apps in the phone with higher utilization as per the resources. However, every specification is based upon the rumors or the leaked information. The LG G5 ia going to be a phone that will be anticipated in market considering the huge amount of expectations.

Market Analysis

The smartphone market is going through a transition and more features are expected from every single launch. LG G5 has to make some real improvement in the phone as compare to Galaxy s7 to take out a good share in the market.

Even though LG has not announced any official information about so called G5 but the rumors have generated enough interest in the market. However, more information will be revealed as the time progresses.