Missed Your College Lectures : Try Recording It Next Time

College Lectures

In this competitive world, we cannot afford to miss our school or college because every day, every subject teacher teaches a new topic. If you miss your school or college for one day, you shall miss 6-7 different important topics in around 5 different subjects. Even your best of your friends or tuition teachers would fail to make you understand ... Read More »

How to Edit Videos with Mobile Phones in Mind

Movavi Video Editor

When you want to edit videos for mobile phones – there are quite a few areas you need to take into account. In particular however, you should be aware that the screen size of mobile phones will mean that some of the smaller elements in your videos may not be that apparent. Also, mobile phones tend to have limited storage ... Read More »

Online MBA In Finance or Marketing: What To Choose?

Online MBA In Finance

In today’s competitive job market, it’s difficult to land a job if you don’t have a special skill or an impressive academic record. To be a cut above the rest, you can get a postgraduate degree and add another star to your resume. When it comes to higher education, it has often been noticed that MBA graduates have better job ... Read More »

5 golden lessons to survive the struggles of blogging

struggles of blogging

Every blogger must have felt like giving up and shutting down his blog for good at least once in his blogging career. Failure is as much a part of our lives as success. If you feel that your blog is going unnoticed by the audience or is not earning you the expected profits maybe you need to introspect a bit. ... Read More »

Some essential tips that can help in increasing your JEE score

JEE score

The technical world is advancing at such a pace that everywhere the need of engineering students have increased by nearly 25%. This growing need has also opened up job prospects for the budding engineers who are regarded as the constructors of a better world class infrastructure. Not only do students dream of gaining success in the field but also parents ... Read More »

Grand Theft Auto 6 : Rumors, News, Release Date and Location Maps

Grand Theft Auto 6

Recent updates from Forbes show us that all previous micro-purchases in GTA online have incurred a whopping $150 million in international revenues. So as long as GTA bears this kind of success it is highly unlikely that Rockstar Entertainment rushes further releases. Although many pessimists view the previous GTA Online’s successes as a serious challenge for the successors, most of ... Read More »

iPhone 8 Release Date, Features and Price

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is seen as the biggest opportunity to witness the revolution in the smart phone industry. Before the release of iPhone 7, people are eagerly waiting for  the iPhone 8 Release date because of the features and design that it will offer to their users. Various tech experts have speculated the release dates, features and price of iPhone 8 ... Read More »

Master the Art of Home Automation with These 5 tips

home automation solution

We know that home automation is one of the best technologies that is shaping up and improving our lives on a daily basis. To ensure that you implement it correctly, you first need to have a good idea of what home automation actually is. Someone who is looking for automating his home for the first time will need some tips ... Read More »

How to Start a Traveling Blog

start a travel blog

If you love traveling, but are worried about the money involved, then you should think about blogging about your experiences in the form of a blog and make money from that. By publishing traveling experiences in the form a blog, Mathew Pete traveled the world in about 5 years, without doing any part time jobs. Yes, his blog paid for ... Read More »

A Review of Coalition Technologies Services

Coalition Technologies

Whether you’re a seasoned company or just carving out a niche, it’s important to get onboard with the right digital platform. Websites have come a long way in recent years, and if you don’t have a handle on all the layers of online marketing it can be a challenge to get your company’s voice heard. Coalition Technologies, a marketing and ... Read More »